H.E.A.D. for hedonism

oh yeah oh yeah oh yeah. i did it. come next month my voice will be broadcast through the airwaves round about the northwest coast of oregon and southwest washington. KMUN 91.9 Astoria and 89.5 Tillamook…Coast Community Radio. the name of the show lessen they nix it is H.E.A.D. for hedonism – a nod to Robert Anton Wilson and Timothy Leary. supposedly they will be webcasting sometime this summer so ya’ll all can listen in come then. a big shout out to all the programers over time who have given me my love of music and rad-io…specially a heartfelt hullo to the other side to my magickal mentor John Dark aka Bill Johnston, major thanks to my good friend and roomie UNPL secretary general Big Jesus Trashcan aka Michael Wakefield, and ofcourse proprieter of fine used music on the north side Chuck Roast of Funhouse fame; all from KPFT in Houston, and to Greg the program director from KAOS in my evergroovy daze. get ready Coast Community for a dose of sonic sensuality, psychic poetics, and magickal mayhem… Head for hedonism with dj HeHL.V.X. … till then again finn, peace frog.

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