full moon in may

the full moon peaks from behind rain laden clouds. a heavy day – planets pushin’ me, the sun, the moon pullin’ at me. working through reclaiming a room which should have been two and not one. yours and mine, always and ever, mine and yours.

so long has passed since i got to be beside myself; i certainly don’t look familiar to me this evening. so long since i got to play this way…jao and stan on the table all smooth and quiet like; the only thing missin’ is candles alight and well … you.

but, like i would have said, had i heard your voice, not the canned one, the time has passed. “summer’s ready, when you are,” kelly and kim screamed in my ear as i drove home from work to two hungry cats and one empty fridge. summer is ready…and i am too.

the sunset was brilliant; the corpuscular light spilled out from behind a cloud, as the nuclear inferno dipped towards the ocean, not its ocean. this day is done. good night moon – i would light you a candle, but there is no wax to drip round about here ways. adieu.