in response

a response to a fellow d.s. (sorta like the d.a. in harry potter) member’s comment on blogdom or blogdum as he might say…and then maybe it is just more shite from my damned head-ache.

karl rove is the most despicable human being currently in existence on this small green and blue marble of a planet in the vast and unknown universe we inhabit.
so we stare at the moon and think it is giving us light when in fact it is the reflection of a star burning brilliantly enough to have set all that we see in motion. but even the bright light which brought forth all that we see and feel and touch and taste can be obscured by this grey dust ball of leftovers that pulls you and i in like fashion.
and the tide runs in and out of the mouth of the columbia as i sit in my lonely room thinking of my sunshine, but as robert smith oh so succinctly points out in a forest “the girl was never there/it’s allways the same…again and again and again (+20 more times)”
ah well time to get back up and dust off those knees, go out and find something new to distract you from the work we all know is far too important to slack on.
get up damnit and get busy, your daughter’s future demands it, the whole damned planet’s future demands it…oh so speciocentric…k maybe just humanity as is currently in season needs (but does not demand) it. get get get get get get get get get busy ya’ll.

we are the stars which sing
we sing with our light
we are the birds of fire
we fly over the sky
our light is a voice
we make a road for the spirit to pass over
{alqonquian indian}