H.E.A.D. for hedonism

listening to the pastors of the Metropolitan Ministries on This Way Out i remarked that if i had pastors like that i probably would have stayed in the church a lot longer…

Alan Moore ‘Valerie’s Letter’ V for Vendetta
Coil ‘London’s Lost Rivers’ Black Light District
Shreikback ‘Coelocanth’ Oil and Gold
Jesus Penis ‘It’s all true/God as my witness’ Buraucracy of Hope
Peter Gabriel ‘Zaar’ Passion: the Last Temptation of Christ soundtrack
Tom Waits ‘Black Wings’ Bone Machine
Brian Eno ‘Skysaw’ Dogs in Space soundtrack
The Cure ‘Like Cockatoos’ Kiss Me, Kiss Me, Kiss Me
This Mortal Coil ‘Sixteen Days/Gathering Dust’ Sixteen Days12″
Eurythmics ‘Room 101’ 1984 soundtrack
Eno/Byrne ‘America is Waiting’ My Life in the Bush of Ghosts
Muslimgauze ‘Mumbai Vibe Garden’
Dead Can Dance ‘Frontier’ Dead Can Dance
Psychic TV ‘Stick Insects’ Towards Thee Infinite Beat
P.J. Harvey ‘Who the Fuck?’ Uh Huh Her
Bauhaus ‘Spirit’ The Sky’s Gone Out
Unwound w/ Steve Fisk ‘Abskraktions’ New Plastic Ideas
Butthole Surfers ‘Wichita Cathedral’ Brown Reason to Live
Jane’s Addiction ‘Pigs in Zen’ Nothing’s Shocking
David Bowie ‘Hallo Spaceboy’ Outside
Ministry ‘N.W.O.’ Psalm 69
Tool ‘Hooker with a Penis’ Aenima
Nine Ince Nails ‘I Do Not Want This’ The Downward Sprial
Marilyn Manson ‘Cake and Sodomy’ Portrait of an American Family
Black Sabbath ‘Sweet Leaf’ Master of Reality

damn if i didn’t forget the sex pistols…they, sabbath, miles davis, and blondie made it into the rnr hall of fame…oh and skynard too…some freak just called me and said this was really obnoxious stuff…guess he is a fan of skynard…white trash get down on your knees…