H.E.A.D. for hedonism…last of 2005!

sittin’ here at the decks and i just wanna kick the year down into the gutter and take a piss on it…such a year it was…leave it drinkin’ the piss and the puke and all the shit that has flowed through the year…good riddance 2005!

antony and the johnsons ‘hope there’s someone’ i am a bird now
bright eyes ‘landlocked blues’ i’m wide awake it’s morning
belle & sebastian ‘la pastiche de la bourgeoisie’ push barman to open old wounds
arcade fire w/ david bowie ‘wake up’ live @ fashion rocks NYC
architecture in helsinki ‘frenchy i’m faking’ in case we die
gorillaz ‘dare’ demon days
franz ferdinand ‘you could have had it so much better’ you could have had it so much better
gang of four ‘at home he’s a tourist’ peel sessions
the strokes ‘juicebox’ first impressions of earth
the kills ‘love is a deserter’ no wow
old time relijun ‘your momma used to dance’ 2012
kings of leon ‘taper jean girl aha shake heartbreak
iron & wine w/ calexico ‘burn that broken bed’ in the reins
seu jorge ‘rebel rebel’ the life aquatic soundtrack
mountain goats ‘diludad’ the sunset tree
nine inch nails ‘right where it belongs’ with teeth
of montreal ‘october is eternal’ sunlandic twins
the decemberists ’16 x 32′ picaresque
sleater-kinney ‘modern girl’ the woods
mary timony ‘on the floor’ ex-hex
thievery corporation ‘supreme illusion’ the cosmic game
ursula 1000 ‘chicka boom’ ursudelica
the cops ‘walletpuffersmokeskeys’ stomp on tripwires
lcd soundsytem ‘daft punk is playing in my house’ lcd soundsystem
white strips ‘my doorbell’ get behind me satan
the ponys ‘shadowbox’ celebration castles
the willowz ‘toy’ talk in circles
wolf parade ‘this heart’s on fire’ apologies to the queen mary
sigur rós ‘gong’ takk

special thanks to miss lady sophia for being at the boards in support…way past her bedtime
the chronic what-icles of narnia … lotr lite

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  1. hey babe! I made a community for irish program alumni/students/staff, so if you want to join it is love you honey! *hugs*

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