H.E.A.D. for hedonism goodbye mr gimmecap

this issue of H.E.A.D. for hedonism has two themes. the first set is dedicated to my grandfather who passed through the veil two evenings ago. the rest of the show has as its focus el adversario en el juego de ajedrez. i will just say it has something to do with adjectives and the dumbass wannabe sorority bitches from delta sigma capp or dumb snobbish cunts…as the judy’s said “don’t be a hippie.” and now i leave you to our regularly scheduled program…

“curtain! the farce is finished. i am setting out to seek a vast perhaps.” francois rabelais’ final words
‘dream is destiny’ waking life
the smiths ‘asleep’ the queen is dead
tori amos ‘angie’ crucify ep
poi-dog pondering ‘u li la lu’ wishing like a mountain
bauhaus ‘all we ever wanted’ the sky has gone out
love & rockets ‘all in my mind (acoustic)’ express
the maytals ‘pressure drop’ the harder they come soundtrack
bob marley & the wailers ‘war’ & ‘rat race’ rastaman vibration
the english beat ‘mirror in the bathroom’ just can’t stop
tom waits ‘union square’ raindogs
prince & the revolution ‘something in the water (does not compute)’ 1999
duran duran ‘planet earth (night version)’ planet earth 12″
thomas dolby ‘radio silence’ golden age of wireless
the the ‘out of the blue (into the fire)’ infected
‘doubt became our narrative’ waking life
consolidated ‘your body belongs to the state’ & ‘crusading rap guys’ friendly facism
mc lyte ‘shut the eff up’ lyte as a rock 12″
public enemy ‘she watch channel zero’ it takes a nation of millions
peter gabriel ‘shock the monkey’ peter gabriel (geffen)
david bowie ‘suffragette city’ changes one
house of love ‘happy’ house of love
ac/dc ‘back in black’ back in black
rush ‘witch hunt’ moving pictures
‘the systems of control’ waking life
pixies ‘something against you’ surfer rosa
pain teens ‘preppie killer’ case histories
suicidal tendencies ‘institutionalized’ suicidal tendencies
sex pistols ‘liar’ never mind the bollocks
white stipes ‘hand springs’ hand springs sub pop single
nirvana ‘tourettes’ in utero

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