H.E.A.D. for hedonism (world domination episode)

hey all you listeners in far flung corners of this great hurtiling rock, H.E.A.D. is now streaming on the world wide web at coastradio.org. so this episode is all about my friends listening in parts distant from astoria. enjoy…

the rolling stones ‘let’s spend the night together’ between the buttons
ben harper ‘suzie blue’ burn to shine
cat power ‘love & communication’ the greatest
fifeteen ‘survivor’ survivor
alissa nielsen ‘liberty & justice’ liberated lyrics
king missle ‘ed’ happy hour
kings of leon ‘four kicks’ aha heartbreak shake
house of love ‘love II’ spy in the house of love
velvet underground ‘cool it down’ loaded
morphine ‘mile high’ b-sides and otherwise
beastie boys ‘in 3’s’ in sound from way out
gorillaz ‘double bass’ gorillaz
tribe called quest ‘hot sex’ anthology
devo ‘freedom of choice’ freedom of choice
b52’s ‘dance this mess around’ b52’s
the gossip ‘listen up!’ standing in the way of control
mc 900ft jesus ‘dali’s gun’ welcome to my dream
thievery corporation ‘killer’s waltz’ rare tracks
thunderball ‘heart of the hustler’ scorpio rising
ari hornick ‘(the pascifist peace)’ liberated lyrics
psychic tv ‘everything has to happen’ peak hour
primal scream ‘slip inside this house’ where the pyramid meets the eye
meat beat manifesto ‘mr president’ armed audio warfare
consolidated ‘it’s about time’ the myth of rock
the cult ‘love removal machine’ love removal machine 12″
ministry ‘stigmata’ land of rape & honey
black flag ‘thirsty and miserable’ damaged
fishbone ‘skankin’ to the beat’ essential fishbone
the clash ‘koka kola’ london calling

that’s all….night ya’ll…and good morning to the rest of ya.

webcasting has begun

for all of you out there who are listening. you can now tune in to my show every other wednesday night/thursday morning on coastradio.org from 11p – 1a westside time. i will continue to post my playlists, but now you can listen in, even if you are half way round the world. ttfn.