H.E.A.D. for hedonism Get the hell out of the way and let the damn music play

this here episode of H.E.A.D. for hedonism is the get the hell out of the way and let the music play, because this should be one hot set of music. new tunes from the noisettes and prince, the gossip and raconteurs. some of them are sent out far and wide, and some are being dedicated to the denizens of my current hellish prison on the north coast of oregon…send your faeries, i hope to be in olympia soon…

the beatles ‘leave my kitten alone’ beatles anthology 1
violent femmes ‘girl trouble’ why do birds sing?
pyschedelic furs ‘everything and nothing’ talk talk talk
the duke spirit ‘darling you’re mean’ cuts across the land
the bambi molesters ‘chaotica’ sonic bullets
chico hamilton ‘for mods only’ sounds from the verve hi-fi going out to apant in manchester
the gossip ‘standing in the way of control’ (le tigre remix) standing in the way of control 12″
panic! at the disco ‘lying is the most fun a girl can have without taking of her clothes’ a fever you can’t sweat out
charles bukowski ‘law’ run with the hunted
le tigre ‘new kicks’ the island going out to my welshgoddess hiding out in turin ella
gorillaz ‘spitting out the demons’ feel good inc.
prince ‘black sweat’ black sweat going out to that witches cabal the boingers
thunderball ‘hijak’ dubbed out in d.c.
ursula 1000 ‘fort knox five’ ursadelica
old time relijun ‘your momma used to dance’ 2012
raconteurs ‘steady as she goes’ steady as she goes
noisettes ‘iwe’ iwe going out to my main man sir arielx and big thanks for turning me on to this!
wolfmother ‘dimension’ wolfmother
magneta lane ‘medusa’ the constant lover
concrete blond ‘god is a bullet’ recollection
x ‘soul kitchen’ los angeles
pixies ‘cactus’ surfer rosa going out to my dearest wicca
vibrators ‘london girls’ pure mania
devo ‘uncontollable urge’ q: are we not men? a: we are devo!
dead kennedys ‘holiday in cambodia’ give me convienence or give me death
santana ‘toussaint l’overture’ santana going out to haiti the first black republic in honor of black history month
gang of four ‘5.45’ peel sessions
who ‘baba o reilly’ who’s next

H.E.A.D. for hedonism stumblin’ and funkin’

this episode of H.E.A.D. for hedonism is brought to you by the stumblin’ and funkin’ friends from far and wide. a couple of the songs in these sets are going out to friends from stumbleland far and wide…

sarah mclachlan ‘strange world’ touch
mirah ‘sweepstakes prize’ you think it’s like this, but it’s really like that
cat power ‘could we’ the greatest
jets to brazil ‘sweet avenue’ orange rhyming dictionary
‘always the bad ass’ angelheart soundtrack
eurythmics ‘beethoven (i love to listen to)’ savage
ani difranco ‘shameless’ living in clip
belle & sebastian ‘the blues are still blue’ the life pursuit
woldgang press ‘kansas’ birdwood cage
the judy’s ‘she’s got the beat’ washarama
the knack ‘she’s so selfish’ get the knack
the pixies ‘i’ve been tired’ come on pilgrim
pj harvey ‘o stella’ dry
rancoteurs ‘steady as she goes’ steady as she goes 7″
the daylights ‘man ‘o war’ the sound of deep ellum
the the ‘the beat(en) generation’ mind bomb
‘lorca and the iguana’ waking life
shriekback ‘nemesis’ oil and gold
u2 ‘mofo’ pop
cuba ‘foxy’s den’ foxy’s den 12″
prince ‘sexuality’ controversy
cure ‘icing sugar’ kiss me, kiss me, kiss me
the gossip ‘mangled heart’ standing in the way of control
the english beat ‘click click’ i just can’t stop
elvis costello & the attractions ‘pump it up’ this year’s model
jack off jill ‘devil with a black dress on’ sexless demons and scars
bauhaus ‘passion of lovers’ 1979-1983 vol. 1
william burroughs ‘roosevelt after inaguration’ nova conspiracies
joy division ‘interzone’ unknown pleasures
butthole surfers ‘mexican caravan’ psychic, powerless, another man’s sack
marilyn manson ‘angel with the scabbed wings’ antichrist superstar
psychic tv ‘roman p’ hex sex

top five bands ever?!

jeebus miss sidhe how am i supposed to do that…top five bands ever. gods that one is hard.

gang of four
the gossip (was mirah)
pj harvey

luckily i have seen all of these bands live…and they were amazing. pallas used to say when 4 and i played the pixies. daddy take me to this band. and i would say pallas, they don’t play together anymore. but if they ever get back together you can bet on it. she got to see them two years ago in bend. and gang of four was the best show i saw last year, and one of the best i have seen. sleater-kinney played at the same venue in ptown (crystal ballroom) and they rocked the house. gotta go watch serenity, pallas says i have to, and i just digested the firefly show a friend loaned to me. gonna go see my girl this weekend and take her to see the gossip at the capitol theater in oly. can’t wait to be back in the bubble and see my favorite person in the whole world. i miss her sooooooo much!