top five bands ever?!

jeebus miss sidhe how am i supposed to do that…top five bands ever. gods that one is hard.

gang of four
the gossip (was mirah)
pj harvey

luckily i have seen all of these bands live…and they were amazing. pallas used to say when 4 and i played the pixies. daddy take me to this band. and i would say pallas, they don’t play together anymore. but if they ever get back together you can bet on it. she got to see them two years ago in bend. and gang of four was the best show i saw last year, and one of the best i have seen. sleater-kinney played at the same venue in ptown (crystal ballroom) and they rocked the house. gotta go watch serenity, pallas says i have to, and i just digested the firefly show a friend loaned to me. gonna go see my girl this weekend and take her to see the gossip at the capitol theater in oly. can’t wait to be back in the bubble and see my favorite person in the whole world. i miss her sooooooo much!