h.e.a.d. tiocfaidh ár lá international women’s day

gods my head hurts from lack of caffeine….dedicated to all the women who have befriended me over time on this international women’s day.

de danann ‘johnny i hardly knew ye’ anthem dara (the women who will bear the costs of iraq)
the pentangle ‘no more lord’ sweet child reprise
pink floyd ‘set the controls for the heart of the sun’ saucerful of secrets (moderntimes & potter00)
mirah ‘the sun’ advisory committee k
the roaches ‘the troubles’ the roaches warner (sd men stupid stupid men)
poi dog pondering ‘fall upon me’ poi dog pondering texas hotel
van morrison ‘crazy love’ moondance warner
casey neill trio ‘love is a killing thing’ skree appleseed
lúnasa ‘márta’ lúnasa lúnasa
kíla ‘ ón taobh tuathail amach’ tóg é go bog é kíla (bring the snakes back to ireland)
kíla ‘monkey rumble’ monkey kíla boingboingboing
nuala ni dhomhnaill ‘persephone suffering from sad’ the waterhorse
eurythmics ‘sisters are doing it for themselves’ be yourself tonight rca
internal/external w/kathleen hannah ‘steppin’ up to the mic’ featuring k
le tigre ‘new kicks’ island strummer (get used to it! every time there is a protest you will here this…until he is gone!)
bjork ‘lillith’ b sides
pyschic tv ‘good vibrations’ hex sex
pj harvey ‘slow drug’ uh huh her island
the slits ‘heard it through the grapevine’ the cut
the breeders ‘one divine hammer’ last splash 4ad
pretenders ‘middle of the road’ breakthrough greenpeace
sinead o’conner ‘never gets old’ the lion and the cobra chyrsalis
u2 ‘spanish eyes’ b-sides island
heart ‘kick it out’ little queen portrait
janis joplin ‘buried in the blues’ pearl
pogues ‘bottle of smoke’ if i should fall from the grace of god
flogging molly ‘seven deadly sins’ within a mile of home
stiff little fingers ‘suspect device’ inflammable materials
gang of four ‘ether’ peel sessions strange fruit
bonnie prince billy ‘madeleine mary’ summer in the southeast
patti smith ‘hey joe’ no thanks


  1. wow!

    That’s a fabulous set list. Is there a way I can listen to it online?

    Hey…I’m going on tour (singing mostly, a little bit of harp playing and xylophone and melodica)
    And I’ll be coming to Arcata suunday the 26th. That’s where you are still, right?

    Missya dearly!


    • Re: wow!

      oh what a glorious boon to see your name at the bottom of this comment. you can listen online, but not as a podcast, just as a live stream. coastradio.org every other wednesday from 11p-1a. and thanks for the compliment.

      wow touring! with free kittens right? when will you be back in oly? i have an app in at tumwater pl. – gotta get outta astoria…one way or another. my sis was in arcata, but she is in ptown now. i wanted to be there, by my app for psu lacked a cover letter…d’oh!

      i missyou much too…sooo much.

      aka dj HeHL.V.X.
      aka dubthach (stumbleupon.com, livejournal, newsvine, and bloggindownbabalon.blogspot.com)

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