H.E.A.D. for hedonism V for vernal equinox

welcome to your evening dose of H.E.A.D. for hedonism, this weeks edition is brought to you by the vernal equinox. i so enjoy listening to languages other than english sometimes…can you tell me how many different languages are featured in this playlist?

rara le bel fraicheur de l’anglade ‘legba nan baye a’ angels in the mirror for haiti
aliester crowley ‘viva la france’ the hastings file: the world as power for the students of paris
julie london ‘cry me a river’ julie’s golden greats for v
getz/gilbreto ‘desafinado’ getz/gilbreto
the pogues ‘i’m not a man you meet every day’ rum, sodomy, and the lash for KMRIA dougfir 17mar
the weakerthans ‘my favorite chords’ left and leaving yeah here is the first…
jack johnson ‘the 3 r’s’ courious george
baaba maal & mansour seck ‘djam lelli’ djam lelli
buena vista social club ‘candela’ buena vista social club
issac hayes (was) chef ‘chocolate salty balls’ chef-aid
robin williams ‘pop goes the weasel/kindergarten of the stars’ reality, what a concept
coil ‘moon’s milk or under an unquiet skill’ spring equinox
butthole surfers ‘let’s talk about cars’ pepper
colourbox ‘arena’ colourbox
cuba ‘black island’ white shadow 12″
prince ‘lolita’ 3121
julie ruin ‘i wanna know what love is’ julie ruin
i love you but i have chosen darkness ‘if it was me’ fear is on our side
zz top ‘it’s only love’ tejas
the gossip ‘yesterday’s news’ movement that would be part two gonegone
the police ‘it’s alright for you’ regatta de blanc
the clash ‘guns of brixton’ london calling
the decemberists ‘the infanta’ picaresque
magneta lane ‘carnival in spain’ dancing with daggers
the noisettes ‘malice in wonderland’ iwe 7″
the duke spirit ‘lion rip’ cuts across the land
the dead kennedys ‘we’ve got a bigger problem now’ in god we trust