H.E.A.D. for hedonism…remembering the 16 and the countess

welcome back to H.E.A.D. for hedonism. this issue is brought to you in honor of the 16 dead men of the 1916 and the woman they let get away countess markievicz.

eavan boland ‘famine road’ an origin like water the 1916 and the why of rebellion
johnny cash ‘hurt’ american recordings
john lennon ‘god’ plastic ono band
the decemberists ‘we both go down together’ picaresque
ben harper ‘engraved invitation’ both sides of the gun
beastie boys ‘lighten up’ check your head aborted
the the ‘arnaggedon days are here again’ mind bomb
hedwig and the angry inch ‘nailed’ hedwig and the angry inch
clap your hands say yeah! ‘heavy metal’ clap your hands say yeah!
beck ‘beercan’ mellow gold
the sugarcubes ‘sick for toys’ life’s too good
wolfgang press ‘close that door’ birdwood cage
tom waits ‘big black mariah’ rain dogs
the cops ‘walletpuffersmokeskeys’ stomp on tripwires going out to mystral newly arrived from down under
brian eno ‘baby’s on fire’ here come the warm jets
queen ‘tie your mother down’ a day at the races
flaming lips ‘free radicals’ at war with the mystics
can ‘dizzy dizzy’ cannibalism
thirteenth floor elevators ‘reverberation’ the psychedelic sounds of the thirteenth floor elevators
spider and the webs ‘mister hypnotist’ spider and the webs
the duke spirit ‘lion rip’ cuts across the land
noisettes ‘don’t give up’ three moods of the noisettes
wolfparade ‘the sons and daughters of hungry ghosts’ and ‘i’ll believe in anything’ with apologies to the queen mary
pink floyd ‘astronomy domine’ pipers at the gates of dawn
wolfmother ‘the earths rotation around the sun’ mind’s eye
raconteurs ‘blue veins’ broken boy soilders
butthole surfers ‘hurdy gurdy man’ pioughd
pigface ‘suck’ gub
nirvana ‘aneurysm’ incesticide
melt bannanna ‘back to the womb’ scratch or stich
noisettes ‘iwe’ iwe
the duke spirit ‘drinking you in’ roll, spirit, roll

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