H.E.A.D. for hedonism…the axe has heaved up

another moonly massing of musical musings from H.E.A.D. for hedonism and dj HeHL.V.X. … just what the doormouse ordered … and timmy boy leary says there is a war between those who are turned on and those who are uptight…which side are you on…and do you want help crossing the border…i got a 51′ fence for you to use…c’mon over…margaritas and quacamole and sweaty fuckin’ till dawn…and beyond. lurve and bloomin’ 2 u all!

pablo neruda ‘i crave your mouth, your voice, your hair’
waking life ‘ants’ waking life
mirah ‘pretty eyes’ storageland for ddrose
beatles ‘norwegian wood (the bird has flown)’ rubber soul
belle & sebastian ‘sleep the clock around’ boy with the arab strap
mountain goats ‘dance music’ the sunset tree
english beat ‘tears of a clown’ i just can’t stop
squeeze ‘nail in my heart’ singles 45″s and under
inxs ‘don’t change’ shabooh shoobah
icicle works ‘nirvana’ chop the tree
the cure ‘just one kiss’ the walk
laurie anderson ‘song for america’ nova convention
david bowie ‘fame’ changes one
b 52’s ‘strobe light’ wild planet
the gossip ‘yr mangled heart’ standing in the way of control
waking life ‘society is a fraud’ waking life
the clash ‘bank robber dub’ black market clash
fort knox five ‘blowing up the spot (ancient astronauts mix)’ blowing up the spot
ursula 1000 ‘got cha’ here comes tomorrow
gnarls barkley ‘smiley faces’ st. elsewhere
nine inch nails ‘physical (you’re so)’ broken
revolting cocks ‘gila copter’ and other barnyard oddities uncle timmy boy leary 10 years gone
ministry ‘jesus built my hotrod’ jesus built my hotrod
meat beat manifesto ‘radio babylon (space children intro mix)’ psyche out
my life with the thrill kill cult ‘kooler than jesus (electric messiah mix)’ confessions of a knife
gang of four ‘anthrax’ entertainment!
the noisettes ‘don’t give up’ the three moods of the noisettes
wire ‘i2xu’ pink flag

H.E.A.D. and a springing step

this is the spirng in my step edition of H.E.A.D. for hedonism…

neil young ‘let’s impeach the president’ living with war
neutral milk hotel ‘communist daughter’ in the aeroplanes over the sea
the jam ‘down in the tube station at midnight’ greatest hits
the clash ‘know your rights’ combat rock
the smiths ‘handsome devil’ hatful of hollow
squirrel nut zippers ‘the interlocuter’ hot
beck with calvin johnson ‘forcefield’ one foot in the grave what does the a stand for j?
camper van beethoven ‘life is grand’ our beloved revolutionary sweetheart
david bowie ‘space oddity’ love you till tuesday
pink floyd ‘time’ dark side of the moon
rocky horror picture show ‘over at the frankenstein place/time warp’rocky horror picture show cast and crew of the return of the never-before-seen thing from the sea
bloc party ‘this is not a competition’ silent alarm
tom waits ‘temptation’ frank’s wild years
gnarls barkley ‘gone daddy gone’ st elsewhere
tool ‘lipan conjuring’ 10000 days
gnarls barkley ‘go go gadget gospel’ st elsewhere
frankie goes to hollywood ‘relax’ welcome to the pleasuredome
brian eno ‘skysaw’ another green world
talking heads ‘crosseyed and painless’
deee-lite ‘what is love?’ world clique
thievery corporation ‘air batacuda’ the mirror conspiracy
the normal ‘warm leatherette’ warm leatherette 12″
mc 900 ft jesus ‘killer inside me’ 12″ mix welcome to my dream
chemical brothers w/ the flaming lips ‘the golden path’ ewan’s rave hell mix the golden path
wolfgang press ‘momma told me not to come’ queer
devo ‘can’t get no satisfaction’ q: are we not men? a: we are devo
louis xiv ‘paper doll’ the best little secrets are kept
flaming lips ‘yeah yeah yeah’ at war with the mystics
butthole surfers ‘hey’ brown reason to live
dead kennedys ‘night of the living rednecks’ give me convienence or give me death
passangers ‘elvis ate america’ original soundtracks

H.E.A.D.for hedonsim cinco de mayo

welcome to H.E.A.D. for hedonism…this particular episode is in honor of the marchers out on the streets for May Day this year and all those who made “a day without immigrants” a success, as well as the celebration of mexican independence day, cinco de mayo. ya basta!

‘nuestra himno’ (spanish national anthem)
blood, sweat & tears ‘spinning wheel’ blood, sweat & tears
gustavo santolalla ‘apertura’ y ‘la partida’ motorcycle diaries
blood, sweat & tears ‘variations on a theme by eric satie’ blood, sweat & tears
vinicius de moraes with toquinho ‘canto de ossanha’ en la fusa con maria creuza y toquinho
gipsy kings ‘hotel california’ ¡volaré!
casey neill trio ‘saints of the ditches’ skree
war ‘low rider’ greatest hits
ben harper & the innocent criminals ‘steal my kisses’ burn to shine going out to ddrose
seu jorge ‘rebel rebel’ & ‘rock and roll suicide’ the life aquatic
shakira ‘no creo’ mtv unplugged
la oreja de van gogh ‘pop’ el viaje de copperpot
seu jorge ‘chatterton’ cru
thievery corporation ‘encounter in bahia’ sounds from the thievery hi-fi
grupación de guiros el niño de atocha ‘oru para changó’ ritmos sagrados de la santería cubana
radio tarifa ‘tangos del agujero’ rumba argelina
gipsy kings ‘vamos a bailar’ ¡volaré!
bebo valdés trio ‘ogg vere’ el arte del sabor
astor piazzola ‘el hombre de la esquina rosada – i aparicion de rosendo’ el tangos with borges
devendra banhart ‘quetate luna’ cripple crow
buena vista social club ‘el cuarto de tula’ buena vista social club
radio tarifa ‘la pastora’ rumba argelina
santana ‘toussaint l’overture’ santana
santana ‘hope you’re feeling better’ greatest hits
pixies ‘isla de encanta’ come on pilgrim
rage against the machine ‘voice of the voiceless’ the battle of los angeles