H.E.A.D. and a springing step

this is the spirng in my step edition of H.E.A.D. for hedonism…

neil young ‘let’s impeach the president’ living with war
neutral milk hotel ‘communist daughter’ in the aeroplanes over the sea
the jam ‘down in the tube station at midnight’ greatest hits
the clash ‘know your rights’ combat rock
the smiths ‘handsome devil’ hatful of hollow
squirrel nut zippers ‘the interlocuter’ hot
beck with calvin johnson ‘forcefield’ one foot in the grave what does the a stand for j?
camper van beethoven ‘life is grand’ our beloved revolutionary sweetheart
david bowie ‘space oddity’ love you till tuesday
pink floyd ‘time’ dark side of the moon
rocky horror picture show ‘over at the frankenstein place/time warp’rocky horror picture show cast and crew of the return of the never-before-seen thing from the sea
bloc party ‘this is not a competition’ silent alarm
tom waits ‘temptation’ frank’s wild years
gnarls barkley ‘gone daddy gone’ st elsewhere
tool ‘lipan conjuring’ 10000 days
gnarls barkley ‘go go gadget gospel’ st elsewhere
frankie goes to hollywood ‘relax’ welcome to the pleasuredome
brian eno ‘skysaw’ another green world
talking heads ‘crosseyed and painless’
deee-lite ‘what is love?’ world clique
thievery corporation ‘air batacuda’ the mirror conspiracy
the normal ‘warm leatherette’ warm leatherette 12″
mc 900 ft jesus ‘killer inside me’ 12″ mix welcome to my dream
chemical brothers w/ the flaming lips ‘the golden path’ ewan’s rave hell mix the golden path
wolfgang press ‘momma told me not to come’ queer
devo ‘can’t get no satisfaction’ q: are we not men? a: we are devo
louis xiv ‘paper doll’ the best little secrets are kept
flaming lips ‘yeah yeah yeah’ at war with the mystics
butthole surfers ‘hey’ brown reason to live
dead kennedys ‘night of the living rednecks’ give me convienence or give me death
passangers ‘elvis ate america’ original soundtracks

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