H.E.A.D. for hedonism…the axe has heaved up

another moonly massing of musical musings from H.E.A.D. for hedonism and dj HeHL.V.X. … just what the doormouse ordered … and timmy boy leary says there is a war between those who are turned on and those who are uptight…which side are you on…and do you want help crossing the border…i got a 51′ fence for you to use…c’mon over…margaritas and quacamole and sweaty fuckin’ till dawn…and beyond. lurve and bloomin’ 2 u all!

pablo neruda ‘i crave your mouth, your voice, your hair’
waking life ‘ants’ waking life
mirah ‘pretty eyes’ storageland for ddrose
beatles ‘norwegian wood (the bird has flown)’ rubber soul
belle & sebastian ‘sleep the clock around’ boy with the arab strap
mountain goats ‘dance music’ the sunset tree
english beat ‘tears of a clown’ i just can’t stop
squeeze ‘nail in my heart’ singles 45″s and under
inxs ‘don’t change’ shabooh shoobah
icicle works ‘nirvana’ chop the tree
the cure ‘just one kiss’ the walk
laurie anderson ‘song for america’ nova convention
david bowie ‘fame’ changes one
b 52’s ‘strobe light’ wild planet
the gossip ‘yr mangled heart’ standing in the way of control
waking life ‘society is a fraud’ waking life
the clash ‘bank robber dub’ black market clash
fort knox five ‘blowing up the spot (ancient astronauts mix)’ blowing up the spot
ursula 1000 ‘got cha’ here comes tomorrow
gnarls barkley ‘smiley faces’ st. elsewhere
nine inch nails ‘physical (you’re so)’ broken
revolting cocks ‘gila copter’ and other barnyard oddities uncle timmy boy leary 10 years gone
ministry ‘jesus built my hotrod’ jesus built my hotrod
meat beat manifesto ‘radio babylon (space children intro mix)’ psyche out
my life with the thrill kill cult ‘kooler than jesus (electric messiah mix)’ confessions of a knife
gang of four ‘anthrax’ entertainment!
the noisettes ‘don’t give up’ the three moods of the noisettes
wire ‘i2xu’ pink flag

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