one year anniversary of H.E.A.D.

this here is the one anniversary of H.E.A.D. for hedonism…that’s right i been putting out these magickal musing, sonic sensualities, and psychic poetics to the north coast of oregon and south coast of washington for a year now. without this i think i would have jumped off the megler bridge by now…what a train wreck…but i haven’t, and i am here dropping the needle, the laser light, whatever. oh and friday is bloomsday so there are quotes from ulysses sprinkled throughout the show tonight…

james joyce ‘the ballad of joking jesus’ ulysses (18-19)
morphine ‘gone for good’ yes another one year annivesary…
queen w/ david bowie ‘under pressure’ hot space
fiery furnaces ‘oh sweet woods’ bitter tea
regina spektor ‘hotel song’ begin to hope
dresden dolls ‘sex changes’ yes, virginia
sublime ‘what i got’ sublime
jack johnson ‘rodeo clowns’ jack of all trades
janes addiction ‘sympathy’ janes addiction
rolling stones ‘gimme shelter’ let it bleed going out to cilla & her unnamed accomplice requesting mick j last week
dresden dolls ‘war pigs’ live covers
fifteen ‘landlord’ survivor going out to so. central l.a. community garden & an additional $100 every month come aug!
weezer ‘hash pipe’ green album
dead milkmen ‘rastabilly’ now we are ten
james joyce ‘of the twoheaded octopus’ ulysses (165)
fort knox five ‘dr. rubberfunk – the owner’ new gold standard
stevie wonder ‘i wish’ songs in the key of life
bloc party ‘this modern love’ silent alarm
black eyed peas ‘sexy’ elephunk thanks to ddrose for droppin’ this on me…
charles bukowski ‘the sex fiends’ poems and insults
m.i.a. ‘gulang’ arula for the tamil tigers, m.i.a. and my peeps in oly throwin’ down the gauntlet at the port
gorillaz ‘all alone’ demon days
the cure ‘close to me (closer mix)’ mixed up
romeo void ‘never say never’ never say never
magneta lane ‘carnival in spain’ dancing with daggers
sonic youth ‘incenerate’ rather ripped
fear ‘we got to get out of this place’ the album for the whirlpool and the train wreck…two years gone!
smashing pumpkins ‘window pane’ gish
james joyce ‘yes, oh yes’ ulysses (782-3)

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