H.E.A.D. for hedonism agitated dance music

this here is the agitated dance music episode of H.E.A.D. for hedonism with dj HeHL.V.X.. the phrase comes from a blank matchbook from emo’s in houston (now closed) that a friend drew a strange character with wavy motion lines and wrote underneath “agitated dance music”. enjoy. sumsumsummertime summertime!

pablo neruda ‘we are many’
disposable heroes of hiphoprisy ‘music and politics’ hypocrisy is the greatest luxury
aphex twin ‘iz-us’ come to daddy
bus stop ‘long train running’ going out to jaf her ddr bar rapin’ self…
blackalicious ‘aural pleasure’ the arrow
black eyed peas ‘like that’ monkey business
bloc party ‘positive tension’ silent alarm
fort knox five ‘get it together’ the new gold standard
muslimgauze ‘arabs imporved zspain’ the vampire of tehran
ursula 1000 ‘descarge en la discoteca’ here comes tomorrow
thievery corporation ‘khalghi stomp’ versions
chemichal brothers ‘come inside’ push the button
consolidated ‘consolidated’ consolidated
gnarls barkley ‘transformer’ st. elsewhere
william s burroughs ‘ah pook the destroyer’ dead city radio
bjork ‘army of me (beastie boys mix)’ army of me
psychic tv ‘papal breakdance’ hex sex pt. 1
68000 ‘disillusion’ 50 years of sunshine (250 micrograms)
daft punk ‘harder, better, faster, stronger’ discovery
lcd soundsystem ‘disco infiltrator’ lcd soundsystem
mc900ft jesus ‘killer inside me (meat beat manifesto mix)’ welcome to my dream
depeche mode ‘only when i lose myself’ ibiza anthems 2003
she wants revenge ‘red flags and long nights’ she wants revenge
interpol ‘slow hands’ antics
buzzcocks ‘ever fall in love’ singles going steady
devo ‘gut feeling’ q: are we not men? a: we are devo!
janes addiction ‘standing in the shower’ nothing shocking
flaming lips ‘pompeii am gotterdammarung’ at war with the mystics
the noisettes ‘don’t give up’ the three moods of the noisettes
sleater-kinney ‘the end of you’ the hot rock going out to sleater-kinney fans everwhere…”permanent hiatus”