h.e.a.d. for hedonism freedom, freedom, freedom

this is the freedom freedom freedom episode of H.E.A.D. for hedonism with dj HeHL.V.X. because soon this here radio programmer will be single again. and you might see that in the first few songs. this show also will feature a number of dresden dolls songs due to the fact they are currently in portland playing while i play these tunes, wishing i was there…

anne waldman ‘skin, meat, bones’ nova convention
the who ‘behind blue eyes’ who’s next
stevie r. vaughn & double trouble ‘cold shot’ couldn’t stand the weather
the pretenders ‘time the avenger’ learning to crawl
rem ‘can’t get there from here’ eponymous
nouvelee vague ‘heart of glass’ bande a part
jack johnson ‘sexyplexy’ bushfire fairytales
dresden dolls ‘the perfect fit’ dresden dolls going out to coinoperatedgirl
the cranberries ‘linger’ everybody is doing, why can’t we going out to claire
dresden dolls ‘first orgasm’ yes, virginia
tom waits ‘all stripped down’ bone machine
mountain goats ‘going to bolivia’ sweden
tv on the radio ‘blues from down here’ return for cookie mountain
talking heads ‘psycho killer’ talking heads ’77 going out to katy since i couldn’t figure it out last week!
the untouchables ‘lebannon’ the enigma variations gee can you figure why i played this one? two cents, i bet you can!
grace jones ‘pull up to the bumber’ nightclubbing
the eels ‘going to susan’s house’ beautiful freak
dresden dolls ‘shores of california’ yes, virginia
amon tobin ‘chomp samba’ bricolage
brian eno/david byrne ‘qu’ran’ my life in the bush of ghosts
the the ‘armageddon days (are here again)’ mind bomb
dresden dolls ‘backstabber’ yes, virginia
the noisettes ‘wind blows hot’ scratch your name
the young knives ‘weekends & bleak days’ junky music make my heart beat faster
bow wow wow ‘radio g-string’ peel sessions
birthday party ‘junkyard’ junkyard going out to rattles for her nick cave fix…
the plasmatics ‘tight black pants’ new hope for the wretched
husker du ‘broken home, broken heart’ zen arcade
dead horse ‘world war whatever’ axiom vol. 1

h.e.a..d. for hedonism the a/sides and such 80’s mix tape

this here is the a/sides and such 80’s mix tap edition of h.e.a.d for hedonism. i been listenin’ and hearin’ kndd lately (107.7 the end in seattle) playing music that is pulled right oughta these here set lists. i mean like when did they ever play ‘orgasm addict’ by the buzzcocks or ‘witchita cathedral’ by the buttholes? i mean how is that! in addition you should know that this show is going out to lala land to rattles and katy…lurve and bloomin’

rumi ‘the reed flute’s song’ the essential rumi
this mortal coil ‘song of the siren’ it’ll end in tears
thomas dolby ‘europa and the pirate twins’ the golden age of wireless
nouvelle vague ‘a forest’ nouvelle vague
tom waits ‘jockeyfull of burboun’ rain dogs
dresden dolls ‘science fiction double feature’ covers
depeche mode ‘stories of old’ some great reward going out to rattles
the eurythmics ‘i could give you (a mirror) sweet dreams
bronski beat ‘why?’ the age of consent
culture club ‘church of the poisoned mind’ colour by numbers
berlin ‘the metro’ pleasure victim
frankie goes to hollywood ‘krisco kisses’ welcome to the pleasure dome
b52s ‘dance this mess around’ party mix
the english beat ‘mirror in the bathroom’ i just can’t stop it
peter gabriel ‘kiss of life’ security
talking heads ‘papa legba’ true stories supposed to be ‘psycho killer’ going out to katy
colourbox ‘just give ’em whiskey’ colourbox
the cure ‘plastic passion’ boys don’t cry
the glove ‘mr. alphabet says’ blue sunshine
love and rockets ‘all in my mind’ express
modern english ‘life in the gladhouse’ after the snow
siouxsie and the banshees ‘dazzle’ dazzle
waking life ‘alienation’ waking life
david bowie ‘queen bitch’ hunky dory supposed to be ‘five years’ d’oh
adam & the ants ‘press darlings’ kings of the wild frontier
the clash ‘should i stay or should i go’ combat rock
psychedelic furs ‘into you like a train’ talk talk talk
x ‘johnny hit and run pauline’ los angeles going out to the lovely kreator of skary chillins
butthole surfers ‘witchita cathedral’ brown reason to live
gang of four ‘return the gift’ entertainment!
pixies ‘holiday song’ come on pilgrim
pink floyd ‘astronomy domine’ piper at the gates of dawn for the crazy diamond syd rip pyschonaut
pink floyd ‘interstellar overdrive’ piper at the gates of dawn ride on your bike old gerald with your torn cloak