keith oberman on rummy

can’t touch that…the spirit of edward r. murrow speaks through keith olbermann…stand up and be counted!

good night and good luck.
link courtesy of liberal avenger

h.e.a.d. for hedonism a little darkness, a little light

this here edition of h.e.a.d. for hedonism is looking at this dark of the moon at the little bit of darkness that comes into life, and the little bit of light that makes us quit the night and seek the dawn. long hast thou dwelt in shadow…

cathal o’ searcaigh ‘caoineadh (lament)’ homecoming
billie holiday ‘strange fruit’ lady in autumn
psychic tv ‘orchids’ dreams less sweet going out to orchid empress
coil ‘blue rats’ black light district
bongwater ‘you don’t love me yet’ where the pyramid meets the eye
the the ‘this is the day’ soul mining
senayit ‘cannibal’ senayit
nouvelle vague ‘ever fallen in love’ bande a part
ani difranco ‘millenium theater’ reprieve
pentagnle ‘i’ve got a feeling’ sweet child o’ mine
john lennon ‘working class hero’ plastic ono band
the pretenders ‘time the avenger’ learning to crawl
throwing muses ‘dizzy’ dizzy
rodrigo y gabriela ‘ppa’ rodrigo y gabriela
nine inch nails ‘physical (you’re so)’ broken going out to trev
ani difranco ‘a spade’ reprieve
rodrigo y gabriela ‘onetake5’ live in dublin going out to pallas thanks for a great week
tom waits ‘gun street girls’ rain dogs
peter gabriel ‘i have the touch’ security
prince & the revolution ‘mountains’ parade
only human ‘nobody uninc’ jack the tab
balkan red alert ‘alligator shear’ jack the tab
the duke spirit ‘love is an unfamiliar name’ cuts across the land
patti smith group ’25th floor/high on revolution’ easter
elvis costello & the attractions ‘waiting for the world to end’ my aim is true
the clash ‘revolution rock’ london calling
adam & the ants ‘digital tenderness’ dirk wears white sox
interpol ‘say hello to the angels’ turn out the bright lights
butthole surfers ‘perry’ rembrandt pussyhorse

h.e.a.d. for hedonism first fruits full moon edition

there is a huge full moon hovering in the sky this evening. the first fruits are filling out on the vines and in the fields. this is the first fruits full moon edition of h.e.a.d. for hedonism. several of ani difranco’s new songs are in the mix. enjoy…

w.b. yeats ‘the second coming’ the collected poems of wby
iron & wine w/calexico ‘history of lovers’ in the reins
ani difranco ‘reprieve’ reprieve
xiu xiu ‘all we ever wanted was everything’ tu mi piaci
the fugees ‘vocab’ blunted on reality
dresden dolls ‘my alcoholic friends’ yes, virginia
kaki king ‘gay sons of lesbian mothers’ until we felt red
nouvelle vague ‘too drunk to fuck’ nouvelle vague
rickie lee jones ‘have you had enough yet?’ blue america
the o’jays ‘backstabber’
david bowie ‘let me sleep beside you’ love you till tuesday
the cure ‘bannanafishbones’ the top
the police ‘it’s alright for you’ regatta de blanc
the gossip ‘listen up’ standing in the way of control
front 242 ‘headhunter’ front by front
nine inch nails ‘closer’ the downward spiral
ariel x ‘sunship’ my stumble mate arielx
the beatles ‘revolution’ hey jude going out to aaron and cilla cause nothing else fits
ani difranco ‘decree’ reprieve
black rebel motorcycle club ‘ain’t no easy way’ howl going out to heidi of the hideout drive safe
plastic bertrand ‘ca plane por moi’ ca plane por moi going out to drixa my favorite band aid
ac/dc ‘shake a leg’ back in black
kings of leon ‘soft’ (live) day old belgian blues
the cult ‘wildflower’ (remix) wildflower
pj harvey ‘m-bike’ 4-track demos
sonic youth ‘reena’ rather ripped
sleater-kinney ‘combat rock’ one beat
the duke spirit ‘love is an unfamiliar name’ cuts across the land
the noisettes ‘angry angels’ iwe
the pixies ‘gouge away’ doolittle
sex pistols ‘pretty vacant’ never mind the bullocks
bikini kill ‘suck my left one’ bikini kill
fifteen ‘my congressman’ lucky

New Ani DiFranco Song, Decree!

New Ani DiFranco Song, Decree!
New Ani DiFranco Song, Decree!” on Google Video
ani on conan doing ‘decree’ from her new album, reprieve