r.a.w. needs our help edition of h.e.a.d.

this here is the r.a.w. needs our help edition of h.e.a.d. for hedonism. if you haven’t read illuminatus! or robert anton wilson’s other mind-blowing books, do so. h.e.a.d. for hedonism takes its name from one of those books, the illuminati conspiracies. it stands for hedonic engineering and development. r.a.w. is not long for the world and many of his friends and admirers don’t want to see him go out penniless and destitute because of long-term illness and its complications. fnord!

robert anton wilson ‘bad government’ tsog
ben harper ‘how many miles must we march’ welcome to the cruel world
cat power ‘willie’ the greatest
regina spektor ‘samson’ begin to hope
poi-dog pondering ‘thanksgiving’ wishing like a mountain and thinking like the sea going out to erin
circled by hounds ‘whiskey horse’ circled by hounds thanks vash, kathryn, and matthew for some fine tunes at the brewfest
casey neill trio ‘scrounge around’ skree
the smiths ‘barbarism begins at home’ meat is murder “unruly pages who will not i.m. must be taken in hand”
velvet underground ‘here she comes now’ white light, white heat
the decemberists ‘when the war came’ the crane wife hey kristen thanks for callin’!
tv on the radio ‘hours’ return to cookie mountain
talking heads ‘swamp’ speaking in tongues
this mortal coil ‘dreams are like water’ (excerpt)blood
thomas dolby ‘dissidents’ the flat earth
kila ‘ezekiel’ mind the gap
hakim bey ‘boycott the cop culture’ t.a.z.: temporary autonomous zone
consolidated ‘strike’ (excerpt) the myth of rock
le tigre ‘new kicks’ this island going out to all those on the streets tommorow RISE!
consolidated ‘we gotta have peace’ friendly fascism
bloc party ‘banquet (phones disco edit’ bloc party
wolfgang press ‘sucker’ queer going out to mark an ex-rep from florida sucking the wind out of the grand old pedophiles party!
clash ‘capital radio two’ black market clash
the hold steady ‘hot soft light’ boys & girls in america
beastie boys ‘sure shot’ ill communication
u2 ‘bullet the blue sky’ joshua tree
viva voca ‘when planets collide’ get yr blood sucked going out to trev
rolling stones ‘beast of burden’ some girls going out to cilla thanks for the dance
jimi hendrix ‘voodoo chile (slight return)’ ultimate experience
butthole surfers ‘sweet leaf’ (excerpt) locust abortion technician

sorry the setlist is coming up so late…their was a virus on the machine…

and let us not forget that tomorrow the streets will be filled with those who think that regime change begins at home and that the world can’t wait to be rid of these terrorists.

bad cops! no donut!

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