h.e.a.d. for hedonism neo-folk revival edition

this here is your moonly dosage of h.e.a.d. for hedonism with dj HeHL.V.X.. an amazing show at the voodoo last weekend with horse feathers and loch lomond…such a treat. this evenings episode is so much more full with the strength of strings because of them.

dahlia ravikovitch ‘on the attitude toward children in wartime’ the progressive oct06
simon & garfunkle ‘bookends/cecilia’ simon & garfunkle’s greatest hits 4 tnoj16 2006
horse feathers ‘walking & running’ words are dead
the roaches ‘the troubles’ the roaches 4 kim working on prop 43 for opp
kaki king ‘you don’t have to be afraid’ …until we felt red
decemberists ‘the crane wife 1 & 2’ the crane wife 4 aubree in thorntown watchin’ ’em
bjork ‘desired constellation’ medulla 4 my friends & co-workers at ccc
ani difranco ‘shroud’ reprieve 4 courtney in the house
van morrison ‘it stoned me’ moondance adrian
michelle shocked ‘the l & n don’t stop here anymore’ shorp, sharp, shocked
casey neill trio ‘saints of the ditches’ skree
de dannan ‘johnson’s hornpipe’ anthem
casey neill trio ‘dusty windosill set’ skree
kíla ‘turlough’s’ lemonade and buns
lúnasa ‘meán fómhair’ lúnasa
kíla ‘tip toe’ tóg é go bog é
ben harper ‘widow of a living man’ the will to live
led zeppelin ‘battle of evermore’ zeppelin iv
pj harvey ‘plants and rags’ dry
mazzy star ‘unreflected’ so tonight that i might see
cat power ‘he war’ free
psychic tv ‘god star’ allegory and self
loch lomond ‘spine’ lament for children
david bowie ‘kooks’ hunky dory 4 miss pallas sophia
tv on the radio ‘hours’ return to cookie mountain
brian eno/david byrne ‘moonlight in glory’ my life in the bush of ghosts

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