a little bit rock n roll, a whole lotta blues h.e.a.d. for hedonism

this here is the a little bit rock n roll, a whole lotta blues edition of h.e.a.d. for hedonism with dj HeHL.V.X.

william s. burroughs ‘thanksgiving day prayer’ dead city radio
tom waits ‘children’s story’ orphans: bastards
bob marley & the wailers ‘you can’t blame the youth’ talkin’ blues these two
the new bohemians ‘jamaican lady’ the sound of deep ellum are going out to mi-na
icicle works ‘birds fly (whispers to a scream)’ chop the tree
the cure ‘shiver and shake’ kiss me, kiss me, kiss me
bloc party ‘positive tension’ silent alarm
commodores ‘brick house’ greatest hits going out to cilla undercover brother was solid
talking heads ‘crosseyed and painless’ remain in light
tom waits ‘buzz fledderjohn’ orpahns: brawlers
thunderball ‘rastarollarink’ fort knox foundation
sinead o’ conner ‘hands (put ’em on me) the lion & the cobra
the police ‘it’s alright for you’ regetta de blanc
jane’s addiction ‘rock and roll’ jane’s addiction
throwing muses ‘fall down’ hunkapapa
gang of four ‘at home he’s a tourist’ entertainment!
psychedelic furs ‘into you like a train’ talk talk talk
frankie goes to the hollywood ‘born to run’ welcome to the pleasure dome going out to karen andre
led zeppelin ‘houses of the holy’ physical graffiti
kings of leon ‘taper jean girl (live)’ day old belgian blues
pj harvey ‘kamakaze’ stories from the city, stories from the sea
the gossip ‘(take back) the revolution’ arkansas heatorphans: brawlers
ac/dc ‘shake a leg’ back in black
david bowie ‘moonage daydream’ ziggy stardust & the spiders from mars going out to empresseeriereggae missed u tonite
tom waits ‘dog door’ orphans: bastards
revolting cocks ‘(let’s get) physical’ beers, steers, & queers
two ton boa ‘cash machine’ parasiticide
wolfmother ‘the earth’s rotation around the sun’ mind’s eye
noisettes ‘what kind of model’ don’t give up pretty pretty red vinyl sealed with a kiss!

h.e.a.d . for hedonism all scorpios except dad

welcome to your moonly dosage of h.e.a.d. for hedonism. this here episode is all scorpios except dad going out to my many scorpions friends and family alike, except ofcourse for dad.

jesselmabus ‘le chatthe deep heart’s core
rumi ‘on being woven’ the essential rumi
rasputina ‘brand new key’ transylvanian regurgitations
horse feathers ‘blood on the snow’ words are dead
mirah ‘murphey bed’ you think it’s like this, but really it’s like this
butthole surfers ‘pepper’ pepper goin’ out to my peeps in tejas and to pallas turnin’ 10
dead milkmen ‘little man in my head’ metaphysical grafitti
violent femmes ‘gone daddy gone’ violent femmes
beastie boys ‘son of neckbone’ the in sound from way out!
the police ‘invisible sun’ ghost in the machine
frankie goes to hollywood ‘orgasm’ welcome to the pleasure dome
jimi hendrix ‘mannish boy’ blues
parliment ‘flashlight’ uncut funk
the clash ‘lost in the supermarket’ london calling
thievery corporation ‘the oscillator’ sounds from the thievery hi-fi
mi-na empress eerie reggae ‘king babylon riddim featuring mr. bush’ for miss mina
lee scratch perry ‘tighten up’ scratch attack
bob marley & the wailers ‘kinky reggae’ catch a fire
the english beat ‘rough rider’ i just can’t stop it
skarface ‘lestat’ best & next
madness ‘house of fun’ heavy heavy hits
gorillaz ‘double bass’ gorillaz
prince & the revolution ‘tambourine’ around the world in a day
b52’s ‘strobe light’ wild planet
the glove ‘sex-eye-make-up’ blue sunshine
david byrne & brian eno ‘his wife refused’ the catherine wheel
the gossip ‘fire with fire’ standing in the way of control
gang of four ‘nature’s not in it’ entertainment!
devo ‘mongoloid’ q: are we not men? a: we are devo!
tv on the radio ‘wolf like me’ return to cookie mountain
noisettes ‘don’t give up’ three moods of the noisettes
grinderman ‘no pussy blues’
pixies ‘gouge away’ doolittle
bauhaus ‘exquisite corpse’ the sky’s gone out(excerpt)

samhain’s feast for the dead h.e.a.d. for hedonism

this here is the episode of h.e.a.d. which straddles the veil betwen the worlds which is closest on this day. what an amazing samhain i had…song coming out of me and the radiance inside seeping out…welcome the new year then!

rumi ‘enough words’ the essential rumi
dead can dance ‘severance’ the serpent’s egg
rara la bel fraicheur de l’englade ‘legba nan baye’ a’ angels in the mirror
david bowie ‘space oddity’ changes one going out to my magickal mentor john d’arcy gone today 15 years
the joy of nature ‘as the river flows’
coil ‘refusal of leave to land’ black light district
bill laswell ‘pilgrimage to cairo’ hashishenn
coil ‘box theme’ unreased soundtrack for hellraiser
esoteric landscapes 7 ‘repetition as a form of change’ hokmah nistarah
nine inch nails ‘closer: precursor’ closer
muslimgauze ‘pink seerband’ fakir sind
the eurythmics ‘ministry of love’ 1984
peter gabriel ‘rhythm of the heat’ security
rara la bel fraicheur de l’englade ‘m pap machea te’ anye’ angels in the mirror
coil ‘assassins of hakim bey’ black gold
psychic tv ‘jigsaw’ towards thee infinite beat
skinny puppy ‘vhx gas attack’ vivi sect six
pain teens ‘the dead shall not’ stimulation festival
jesus penis ‘god has everything under control’ manifestations
psychic tv ‘alien be-in’ towards thee infinite beat
muslimgauze ‘mumbai vibe garden’ fakir sind going out to mina…hope you like the vibe
bill laswell ‘the spilled cup’ hashishenn
pigface ‘the bushmaster’ gub
joy division ‘transmission’ warsaw and that you are pickin’ up the transmission…
bauhaus ‘terror couple kill colonel’ bauhaus
patti smith group ‘citizen ship’ wave