samhain’s feast for the dead h.e.a.d. for hedonism

this here is the episode of h.e.a.d. which straddles the veil betwen the worlds which is closest on this day. what an amazing samhain i had…song coming out of me and the radiance inside seeping out…welcome the new year then!

rumi ‘enough words’ the essential rumi
dead can dance ‘severance’ the serpent’s egg
rara la bel fraicheur de l’englade ‘legba nan baye’ a’ angels in the mirror
david bowie ‘space oddity’ changes one going out to my magickal mentor john d’arcy gone today 15 years
the joy of nature ‘as the river flows’
coil ‘refusal of leave to land’ black light district
bill laswell ‘pilgrimage to cairo’ hashishenn
coil ‘box theme’ unreased soundtrack for hellraiser
esoteric landscapes 7 ‘repetition as a form of change’ hokmah nistarah
nine inch nails ‘closer: precursor’ closer
muslimgauze ‘pink seerband’ fakir sind
the eurythmics ‘ministry of love’ 1984
peter gabriel ‘rhythm of the heat’ security
rara la bel fraicheur de l’englade ‘m pap machea te’ anye’ angels in the mirror
coil ‘assassins of hakim bey’ black gold
psychic tv ‘jigsaw’ towards thee infinite beat
skinny puppy ‘vhx gas attack’ vivi sect six
pain teens ‘the dead shall not’ stimulation festival
jesus penis ‘god has everything under control’ manifestations
psychic tv ‘alien be-in’ towards thee infinite beat
muslimgauze ‘mumbai vibe garden’ fakir sind going out to mina…hope you like the vibe
bill laswell ‘the spilled cup’ hashishenn
pigface ‘the bushmaster’ gub
joy division ‘transmission’ warsaw and that you are pickin’ up the transmission…
bauhaus ‘terror couple kill colonel’ bauhaus
patti smith group ‘citizen ship’ wave


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