h.e.a.d. for hedonism the best of two double ought six

this here is the last of the 2006 shows…so tonite it is all music from this year, which at some point or another received more than a cursory listen…can’t say i listen to much rad-i-o so’s don’t know ifin this has all been beat to death…somethings as been played, a few haven’t, a couple are from the future world of tom’s palace of networking…have a fab new year!

alison luterman ‘saddam hussein is writing poetry in solitary confinement’ sun 372:18-9
horse feathers ‘finch on saturday’ words are dead
mountain goats ‘woke up new’ get lonely
ani difranco ‘decree’ reprieve
dresden dolls ‘shores of california’ yes, virginia
regina spekror ‘hotel song’ begin to hope
cat power ‘could we’ the greatest
belle & sebastian ‘the blues are still blue’ the life pursuit
duke spirit ‘darling you’re mean’ cuts across the land
rodrigo y gabriela ‘one/take 5’
kaki king ‘gay sons of lesbian mothers’ …until we felt red
nouvelle vague ‘heart of glass’ bande a-part
thievery corporation ‘khagli stomp’ versions
m.i.a. ‘xr-2’
gossip ‘standing in the way of control (tronik youth mix)’ standing in the way of control
lcd soundsystem ’45:33′ 45:33
mirah ‘we’re both so sorry (screamclub mix)’ joyride: remixes
tom waits ‘lie to me’ orphans: bastards
decemberists ‘when the war came’ the crane wife
hold steady ‘chips ahoy!’ boys and girls in america
raconteurs ‘steady as she goes’ broken boy solders
sonic youth ‘incinerate’ rather ripped
tv on the radio ‘wolf like me’ return to cookie mountain
long blondes ‘lust in the movies’ someone to drive you home
wolfmother ‘dimension’ wolfmother
grinderman ‘no pussy blues’
strokes ‘juicebox’ first impression of earth
noisettes ‘don’t give up’ what’s the time mr. wolf
tool ‘the pot’ 10,000 days

h.e.a.d. for hedonism the sun our shadow brother has come home to the holly

here comes the sun

jane kaszynski ‘picture of a starving child’ in the deep heart’s core
john lennon ‘god’ plastic ono band
tom waits ‘fannin street’ orpahns: bawlers
cat power ‘he-war’ free
the decemberists ‘shankhill butchers’ the crane wife
joanna newsom ‘cosmina’ ys
pj harvey ‘claudinine the inflatable one’
the doors ‘back door man’ the doors
the breeders ‘new year/cannonball’ last splash winter solstice greetings…a week early
tom waits ‘puttin’ on the dog’ orphans: bastards
can ‘spoon’ cannibalism
tv on the radio ‘hours’ return to cookie mountain
the decemberists ‘tain, pts ii & vi’ tain
cake ‘stickshifts & safetybelts’ fashion nugget
the clash ‘time is tight’ black market clash
lcd soundsystem ’45:33′ 45:33
disposable heroes of hiphoprisy ‘hypocrisy is the greatest luxury’hypocrisy is the greatest luxury
gnarls barkley ‘necromancing’ st. elsewhere
butthole surfers ‘moving to florida’ creamed corn
yeah, yeah, yeahs ‘way out’ yeah, yeah, yeahs
the slits ‘shoplifting’ peel sessions
nirvana ‘stay away’ nevermind
george clinton and funkadelic ‘wars of armageddon’ maggot brain
rush ‘the necromancer pt. ii: under the shadow ‘ caress of steel
black sabbath ‘war pigs’ vol. 4
tool ”4ยบ’ undertow
wolfmother ‘apple tree’ wolfmother