h,e.a.d. for hedonism groovin’ into the new year

eavan boland ‘witching’ an origin like water
shel silverstein ‘peace proposal’ freaking at the freak ball
rasputina ‘all tomorrow’s parties’ thanks for all the ether
baaba maal & mansour seck ‘sehilam’ djam leelii
dezarie ‘omega’ fya
tracey champman ‘why?’ tracey champman
tv on the radio ‘mr. grieves’ young liars
the smiths ‘i want the one i can’t have’ meat is murder
stevie wonder ‘superstition’ talking book
james brown ‘i got my own bag’ get on the good foot
the commodores ‘brick house’ greatest hits
bob marley and the wailers ‘lively up yourself’ natty dread
nusrat fateh ali khan & michael brook ‘intoxication’ night song
le tigre ‘new kicks’ this island
the roots ‘false media’ game theory
english beat ‘rough rider’ just can’t stop it
culture club ‘church of the poisoned mind’ colour by numbers
prince ‘sexuality’ controversy
bad mutha goose & the bros. grimm ‘jump the funk’ jump the funk
public enemy ‘night of the living bassheads’ it takes a nation of millions
tribe called quest ‘can i kick it?’ anthology
george clinton ‘knee deep (midnight mix)’ greatest funkin’ hits
rasputina ‘mother was an opium-smoker (melora mix)’ poor relations in the shed out back
noisettes ‘scratch your name’ what’s the time mr. wolf?
janes’s addiction ‘idiot’s rule’ nothing’s shocking
black sabbath ‘sabbath bloody sabbath’ sabbath bloody sabbath
dead kennedys ‘holiday in cambodia’ give me convenience or give me death
patti smith ‘where duty calls’ dream of life

r.i.p. r.a.w.


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