the raw h.e.a.d. and funkin bones edition

this here is the r.a.w. memorial edition of h.e.a.d. from wence comes this show’s moniker. r.a.w. got out just after the last h.e.a.d. show finished up, so it is only fitting that we begin this funkin’ funktastic issue with none other than the erisian pope of discordianism, and likely the model for bob of the sub genius. hail eris! all hail discordia!

robert anton wilson ‘a calculus of dread’ right where you are sitting now
cracker ‘euro-trash girl’ kerosene hat
tom waits ‘road to peace’ orphans: bastards
pretenders ‘thumbalina’ learning to crawl
big star ’till the end of the day’ third/sister lovers
zz top ‘enjoy & get it on’ tejas
cold grits ‘it’s your thing’ what it is!
jimmy norman ‘gangster of love pt 1 & 2’ what it is!
curtis mayfied ‘pusherman’ blaxploitation vol.1
jimmy tolbert ‘take it off’ what it is!
aretha franklin ‘rock steady’ what it is!
midnight & i grade ‘is real’
lee ‘srcatch’ perry ‘dub along’ super ape
fort knox five ‘rastarollarink’
talking heads ‘pulled up’ talking heads:77
b52’s ‘rock lobster’ b52’s
devo ‘gut feeling’ life aquatic s/t
beastie boys ‘gratitude’ check your head
jesus & mary chain ‘(doubt)reverberation’ where the pyramid meets the eye
spider & the webs ‘mister hypnotist’ frozen roses
bleach ‘canary tekirku no gyakushuu’ bleach 03
joy division ‘interzone’ warsaw
william s. burroughs ‘roosevelt after inauguration’ nova convention
bleach ‘hadaka no jyuu’ 3 girls from okinawa
black flag ‘thirsty & miserable’ damaged
bloc party ‘like eating glass’ silent alarm
tv on the radio ‘hours’ return to cookie mountain
bleach ‘sketch book’ migi mo hidari mo shihai…
gang of four ‘not great men’ entertainment
mc 900ft jesus ‘dancing barefoot’ welcome to my dream