4 year anniversay of chimpy’s vanity war…impeach the bastards!

this here is the 4 year anniversary of chimpy’s vanity war edition of h.e.a.d. for hedonism. as you might notice the playlist is a little more angst ridden than the previous shows. i am really sick and disguted with the continuing slide of amerikkkan democracy into the throes of fascism. so let’s impeach the lot of these fucktards and be done with it. hanging is too good, burning is too good, they should be hung, drawn and quartered, and have their reamins eaten by the dogs in the streets.

patti smith ‘babelogue/rock n roll nigger’ easter
dresden dolls ‘war pigs’
stevie wonder ‘higher ground’ innervisions
the clash ‘junco partner’ sandinista
the police ‘driven to tears’ zenyatta mondatta
violent femmes ‘america is the home of the hypocrite’ add it up 1981-1993
joy division ‘no love lost’ warsaw
can ‘she brings the rain’ cannibalism
the cramps ‘bikini girls with machine guns’ stay sick
the clash ‘i’m so bored with the usa’ the clash (uk)
throwing muses ‘mania’ hunkpapa
kings of leon ‘mcfearless’ because of the times
the ramones ‘we’re a happy family’ rocket to russia
the who ‘my generation’ meaty beaty big and bouncy
public enemy ‘terminator x to the edge of panic’ it takes a nation of millions to hold us back
noisettes ‘burn’ three moods of the noisettes
sleater-kinney ‘the end of you’ the hot rock
pj harvey ‘rub it till it bleeds’ 4 track demos
sleater-kinney ‘god is a number’ the hot rock
old time relijun ‘johnny appleseed’ uterus and fire
bleach ‘sketch book’ migi no hidari no shihai
black sabbath ‘children of the grave’ master of reality
pigface ‘blood and sand’ gub
dead kennedys ‘when you get drafted’ fresh fruit for rotten vegetables
pigface ‘weightless’ gub
dead kennedys ‘kinky sex makes the world go around’ give me convenience or give me death
ministry ‘n.w.o.’ psalm 69
tool ‘opiate’ opiate

my chess partner says shake the disease like a depeche mode song

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international women’s day edition of h.e.a.d. for hedonism

so did you know that jean baudrillard is dead? or that tommorrow is international women’s day…well this here edition of h.e.a.d. for hedonism is going out to all the women of the world and those french postmodernists lamenting the passing of the man in the midst of the matrixesque simulacrum of life…

eavan boland ‘domestic violence’ the american poetry review
tracy chapman ‘she’s got her ticket’ tracy chapman
peter tosh ‘fire fire’ i am that i am
neville brothers ‘sons & daughters (reprise)’ brother’s keeper
midnite & i grade ‘is real’ rule the time
cab calloway ‘refer man’ best of big bands: cab calloway
the maytals ‘pressure drop’ the harder they come s/t
lee ‘scratch’ perry ‘curley dub’ scratch attack
dezarie ‘all ova’ fya
midnite & mystic vision ‘give me me ganja’ new 1000
midnite & i grade ‘rule the time’ rule the time
midnite & mystic vision ‘resin’ new 1000
midnite & i grade ‘simbal is the leaf’ rule the time
stephen marley ‘traffic jam’ mind control
the fugees ‘how hard is it’ blunted on reality
lee ‘scratch’ perry ‘justice to the people’ the upsetter: essential madness from the scratch files
grace jones ‘feel up’ nightclubbing
parliment funkadelic ‘mothership connection (star child)’ parliment’s greatest hits
sugarhill gang ‘rapper’s delight (long version)’ rapper’s delight
conrnershop vs. mucho macho ‘candyman’ wij one hundred
run dmc ‘son of byford’ raising hell
run dmc ‘proud to be black’ raising hell
ice-t ‘the girl tried to kill me’ just say da
public enemy ‘final count of the collision between us and the damned’ fear of a black planet
public enemy ‘fight the power’ fear of a black planet
disposable heroes of hiphoprisy ‘california uber alles’ hypocrisy is the greatest luxury
bad mutha goose & the bros. grimm ‘texas’ jump the funk
primal scream ‘loaded’ just say da