doctors are not abortionists and foetuses are not babies edition of h.e.a.d.

so you can prolly c what is bendin’ my nut this evenin’. so lets just let it speak for itself…oh yeah props to denny k for the impeachment proceedings of darth “drinks the blood of puppies” cheney. give it up ya’ll, impeach the lot of ’em!

kurt vonnegut ‘breakfast of champions’ breakfast of champions
bright eyes ‘stray dog freedom’ four winds
elliot smith ‘high times’ new moon
radiohead ‘fake plastic trees’ the bends
dead can dance ‘song of the dispossesed’ spiritchaser
xtc ‘senses working overtime’ english settlement
peter gabriel ‘games without frontiers’ peter gabriel iii
bjork ‘crying’ debut
blonde redhead ‘sw’ 23
bjork ‘earth intruders’ volta
deee-lite ‘e.s.p.’ world clique
illuminoids ‘beck vs. devo + bauhaus lugosi’s mongoloid loser’
camouflage ‘the great commandment (deep commandment dub) the great commandment
lushfun ‘lsd’
tom waits ‘pasties and a g-string’ small change
satan’s pilgrims ‘wave’ around the world with the satan’s pilgrims
beastie boys ‘the blue nun/stand together’ check your head
tribe called quest ‘everything is fair’ the low end theory
antibalas ‘war hero’ security
david bowie ‘it ain’t easy’ the rise and fall of ziggy stardust and the spiders from mars
zz top ‘i got the six’ eliminator
jane’s addiction ‘idiot’s rule’ nothing shocking
pj harvey ‘man size’ rid of me
weezer ‘hash pipe’ green album
nine inch nails ‘the good soilder’ year zero
consolidated ‘your body belongs to the state’ friendly fascism
sex pistols ‘bodies’ never mind the bullocks here’s the sex pistols
butthole surfers ‘bar-b-q pope’ brown reason to live
consolidated ‘stoned’ friendly fascism

spring is sprung

a little less angsty a little more folktastic spring done sprung edition of h.e.a.d. for hedonism. happy news seattle will drop a cool million on them protestors who disrupted the wto party they tried to throw. we won that day!

pentangle ‘so early in the spring’ sweet child
iron & wine w/ calexico ‘red dust’ in the reins
moondog ‘frog bog’ moondog
horse feathers ‘honest doubters’ words are dead
moondog ‘to a seahorse’ moondog
xavier rudd ‘messages’ good spirit
mirah ‘sailboat’ storageland
senayit ‘dragon’ senayit
rebecca pearcy ‘when you were mine’ sea deep sky high
tori amos ‘talula’ boys for pele
jimmy cliff ‘you can get it if you really want’ the harder they come s/t
new bohemians ‘jamaican lady’ the sound of deep ellum
plastic bertand ‘major tom’
the eurythmics ‘would i lie to you’ be yourself tonight
love & rockets ‘no new tale to tell/here on earth’ earth, sun, moon
dead can dance ‘the garden of zephirus/radharc’ aion
passangers ‘one minute warning/elvis ate america’ original soundtracks
thunderball ‘heart of the hustler’ scorpio rising
frank zappa ‘cosmik debris’ apostrophe
camper van beethoven ‘eye of fatima pts 1 & 2’ our beloved revolutionary sweetheart
beck ‘hotwax’ odelay!
reverend horton heat ‘big sky’ liquor in the front
u2 ‘eleven o’clock tic toc’ under a blood red sky
pink floyd ‘interstellar overdrive’ pipers at the gates of dawn
old time relijun ‘los angeles’ 2012
fifteen ‘family values’ lucky
neil young ‘cortez the killer’ decade