h.e.a.d. for hedonism workers of the world unite and jump bealtaine fires

this here edition of h.e.a.d. for hedonism, a full moon edition at that, is all about may day, the world worker’s holiday, and bealtaine, the gaelic fire festival of spring…

heroes and villians ‘welcome home’ color coded
rumi ‘where everything is music’ the essential rumi
the smiths ‘sweet and tender holligan’ louder than bombs
the pretenders ‘my city was gone’ learning to crawl
morphine ‘all wrong’ b-sides and otherwise
the the ‘gravitate to me’ mind bomb
public enemy ‘polly wanna a cracker’ fear of a black planet
nouvelle vague ‘don’t go’ bande a part
berlin ‘sex (i’m a…)’ pleasure victim
bjork ‘innocence’ volta
thunderball ‘stereo tonic/vibrations’ scorpio rising
lee ‘scratch’ perry ‘fists of fury’ the upsetter: essential madness from the scratch files
talking heads ‘crosseyed and painless’ remain in light
the gossip ‘keeping you alive’ standing in the way of control
pj harvey ‘victory’ dry
throwing muses ‘no parachutes’ hunkpapa
sleater-kinney ‘light rail coyote’ one beat
patti smith ‘gloria’ horses
x ‘johnny hit and run pauline’ los angeles
reverend horton heat ‘one time for me’ liquor in the front
poi dog pondering ‘fruitless’ wishing like a mountain and thinking like the sea
ac/dc ‘have a drink on me’ back in black
led zeppelin ‘custard pie’ physical graffiti
bleach ‘sun dance – moon dance’ bleach 03
nirvana ‘sliver’ incesticide
joy division ‘leaders of men’ warsaw
butthole surfers ‘backass’ hairway to steven
butthole surfers ‘hurdy gurdy man’ pioughd
nine inch nails ‘capital g’ year zero

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