nearly the end maybe the next to last h.e.a.d. for hedonism

this here may be the next to last h.e.a.d. for hedonism here on Kmoonieland. it seems i am finally being thrown from the whirlpool i have spun in for the last…

alissa nielsen ‘liberty and justice’ liberated lyrics
buffalo springfield ‘for what it’s worth’ the best of buffalo springfield
bright eyes ‘clairaudients (kill or be killed)’ cassadaga
tears for fears ‘memories fade’ the hurting
nick drake ‘blues run the game’ family tree
elvis costello ‘lip service’ this year’s model
prince ‘if i was your girlfriend’ sign o’ the times
the fugees ‘killing me softly’ the score
the come ons ‘hip check!’ hip check
sly and the family stone ‘africa talks to the ashpalt jungle’ there’s a riot going on
jill scott ‘bedda at home’ beautifully human
heart ‘little queen’ little queen
betty davis ‘if i’m lucky i might get picked up’ betty davis
the creatures ‘simoon’ boomerang
bjork ‘declare independence’ volta
m.i.a. ‘hit that (bagladeshi mix)’
thunderball ‘road to benares’ cinescope
the clash ‘justice tonight/kick it over’ black market clash
the roots ‘UNIverse at war’ illadelph halflife
dead prez ‘”they” schools’ let’s get free
the godfathers ‘birth, school, work, death’ birth, school, work, death
pixies ‘gigantic’ surfer rosa
santana ‘everybody’s everything’ santana’s greatest hits
rocky horror picture show cast ‘rose tint my world: a:floor show’ rocky horror picture show s/t
david bowie ‘five years’ the rise & fall of ziggy stardust & the spiders from mars
melt banana ‘cat brain land’ bambi’s dilemna

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