a year’s gone bye bye


i saw that my last post was 52 weeks ago…or atleast that is what the calendar says…
where was i a year ago…beginning another adventure…making good on my escape velocity
kicked out of my apartment, sent packing by an absentee landlord’s bulldog of a ….
leaving behind my cocoon of three years where i hurt and healed and harbored my hopes

where am i now?

beginning to feel the heat of a real tejas summer…i brought the mild westcoast one with me
struggling through the return of allergies…the coast had nullified them for three years
moved out of the library and into working with an educational non-profit specializing information
wound about a lovely woman who reads and seeds and sets my curiosity aflame who wants me wild
friends from the past, friends from the cooperative…friends from the “not real” interwebs
but still i hunger to make a mark, build upon my academic work and begin to break the spell
create a spark that lights up the darkness and feeds the future with hope and harvest….

miss my radio show something fierce…but now i have a guitar and drum that need attention…