for strength in stier this heart i bier

30july2010: ☉ in ♌: ☾ in ♓

“smoking hot” acoustic arrangement of ‘thriller‘ by gareth pearson (h/t 2 lost @ E minor)

“that’s what’s up!” girls like boys with skills from rocky and balls. (h/t 2 da bb)

Ph’nglui mglw’nafh Cthulhu R’lyeh wgah’nagl fhtagna hobbit’s loss is cthulhu’s gain with an avatar on board.

end prohibition plant people, come out in cali november, and make the world a better place. (h/t 2 boing²)

alan moore‘s new work unearthing comes out next week, and the nytimes gives him a ringy dingy.

93…this is my 93rd post. do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the law. love is the law, love under will.

it’s friday y’all and the music has been flowing this week. there was the new lauryn hill track, ‘reprecussions‘, sleep ∞ over b-side, ‘la rose‘, a spirituals remix of how to dress well‘s ‘suicide dream 2‘, but i am gonna go with the best coast track ‘i want to‘ from their just dropped album crazy for you (stream @ rstone) on mexican summer. (special mention to agnes obel‘s cover of john cale‘s  ‘close watch‘ and guards ep)

powering up the cardinal t-square

29july2010: ☉ in ♌: ☾ in ♓

new lauryn hill? (h/t 2 pma)

not now without a warrant…wait, when did b.h. obama morph into the emperor? guess it was when steve became darth?

building a better world in the midst of the most impoverished storm/quake ravaged place on earth…hey wyclef check it out.

the library is the new cupcakesee your world through the lens of time…”the future is sooo digital“.

♂ (in ♎) is joining the square dance (♅ in ♎: ♄/♃ in ♈: ♇ in ♑)  in cardinal signs…turbulent weather for the weeks ahead.

water that’s what i am getting at

29july2010: ☉ in ♌: ☾ in ♓

Better computing through L.V.X. Light in Extension.

kenneth anger does missoni f/w 10-11…”fashion, turn to the left.” (h/t 2 arthur)

edward gorey and gene rodenberry in tribbleland. (h/t 2 coilhouse)

xeni appeared on rachel maddow‘s show discussing the leakage from wikileaks. go boingers!

now that is a haitian president i could get behind. fugee-la!

finishing this movie last night left me thinking of the vinegar tasters and ‘kiss with a fist‘ by florence + the machine. i love the sustained mention of findhorn “I keep thinking we need a new language, a language of the heart languages of the polish forest where language wasn’t needed, some kind of new language between people…the poetry of the dancing bee that tells us where the honey is. In order to learn how to create that language you’re going to have to learn how to go through the looking glass to another kind of perception where you have a sense of being united to all things and suddenly you understand everything.” – Andre Gregory from My Dinner with Andre

terry gilliam to direct arcade fire unstaged – live webcast concert from madison square on 05aug @ af’s vevo channel. gilliam ftw!

water, that’s what i am getting at. water. … seven tenths of this earth’s surface is water. … seventy percent of you is water.” too bad y’all all gonna be thirsty and fightin’ over it soon sayeth the nrdc, et. al.

flies on the windscreen

26july2010: ☉ in ♌: ☾ in ♒

if there are ghosts, maybe ecstasy chases them away“.r.u. sirius is making a historical piece on mondo 2000…i swear lisbeth is wearing one of the mondo2k shirts when she visits mom…(omfg it’s a trilogy!)

60’s tinged goodness – guards ep @ their bandcamp site…gratis. (h/t 2 ultra8201)

bush era dispatches from that place where you don’t start a land war…go wiki! maybe it will start an honest conversation

strike one for the user and eff, library of congress is +3 for fair use rulinghuh huh they said dongle. (h/t 2 huffpo)

i heard the news today, oh boy…” about a good friend who ran wild in the woods with me and played many a late night game of dungeons and dragonsresquiecat in pace stephen phoenix (hooks), d∴s∴, enjoy the happy hunting grounds.

stupid human got what was coming to him

22july2010: ☉ in ♋: ☽ in ♐

an incredible cinderella story“… he was in atx for southby mixing drinks @ shangri-las and i just watched him in royal tannenbaums streamin’ on the ps3 (f u sony for taking my otherOS away), bill murray god speaks

“they’re coming for you!” race baiting the right-wing way when things just aren’t going their way…maddow pwns faux.

“please be aware that children conceived during the show or within 48 hours thereafter may be born with wings.” can’t wait to see janelle monáe at the eastside drive-in early this autumn…an interview about her futurist self.

dieselpunk short, dystopian, noir, and visually stunning….like gasoline on a fire. (h/t 2 io9)

waiting just outside the lion’s den

21july2010: ☉in ♋: ☽ in ♐

fnord! (h/t 2 boing²)

silencing the scientists so they can cover their oily ass in the gulf. corporatism is the problem. moving to amend their “human” rights is the solution.

daugters of darkness‘ an arab strab track reminding me of a an easter’s eve in sligo when “bats cracked heads” outside the disco (via pitchfork)

houston, the eagle has landed

20july2010: ☉ in ♋: ☽ in ♏

i’m on a cart, yaaaw!” isn’t quite “silver fish hand catch!” but it is in a library. (blessings to thorn)

forty-one years ago, in one of my ealriest memories, i watched my father take photographs of these images on our television…hello tranquility base, this is the space age, we are here to go!

now you have a use for that star*ucks coffee cup, growing oyster mushrooms! (via makezine)

amanda palmer (of dresden dolls) is releasing Amanda Palmer Performs the Popular Hits of Radiohead On Her Magical Ukulele, a collection of radiohead covers on uke, party on the internet has a live webcast at 5p central. (h/t 2 metafilter)

acoustic does this song so much good, making it pop pop poppin’…bulletproof (via music ninja)

the baron speaks giving the heads up to our troubling square dance ahead…

iphone 4 steady cam with a 3-axis gimble. (h/t 2 makezine)