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16july2010: ☉ in ♋: ☽ in ♎

doing some research last week on contact improv for a jam jinxy invited me to, i came across a dance vid with kim hiorthøy‘s music. he is in a new band drivan whose album, disko is coming out on smalltown supersound next month. here is an advance single, kämpa.

best coast are coming to funfunfunfest in atx!

oh happy days! now if only houston’s former mayor can translate all that extra cash into support at the polls, that would be a glorious day for this here state of delusion i am living in (via tpm)

amazing artwork by stephan doitschinoff in this video for n.a.s.a.‘s ‘strange enough‘ (ft. karen o, fatlip, ol’ dirty bastard) from boing boing vid. solvite corpora et co a gulates pir itum: dissolve the body and arrange to go through (?)

now that is meme marketing in the 21st…bye now old spice man…SILVER FISH HAND CATCH!

bringing a tradition over onto this blog from fbook. posting new music for friday, more often than not, it is music i haven’t posted previously that caught my ear in the workaday week. today it is a lovely bit of aural joy that reminds me of equal parts cocteau twins and joy division. thanks to pitchfork for rising it to the top. tamaryn‘s ‘mild confusion‘. enjoy, it’s friday y’all!


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