wantz my icrap will slave for att-att

19july2010: ☉ in ♋: ☽ in ♏

joe sacco: not in my country – a tale of unwanted immigrants (h/t 2 metafilter)

“what is love but a robin’s song” strange perfumes…haunting track from her laurie anderson‘s album, homeland on nonesuch. (thanks musick al)

big brother wants your blog…no further information is necessary…to hell with due process…(via readwriteweb) … {my peep ray points to a cnet post that uncovers the causal agents and confused response}.

“you have a strange affinity to the beautiful and the dreadful charles.” i would say brian does too…phantasmagoria with the likes of the beautiful {Lily Cole, Evan Rachel Wood, Tilda Swinton, Angelina Jolie} amd the dreadful {m.m. hisownself}. nsfw (18+ to watch). (h/t to haute macabre)

calexico cover arcade fire’s ‘ocean of noise‘ beautiful and haunting…”gonna work it out for” – the vocals at the end remind of me of onob the great circa joshua tree b-sides in a good way. (via chromewaves)


new dystopian sci-fi…the gray eye effect reminds me of a group of violet-eyed freakangels…fly be free black raven! (h/t 2 io9)

taiwanese tv animated news explains how dwebe jobless became a dork lord of the sh*t, yet manages to keep people buying icrap that chains them to att-atts. for the lulz.


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