stupid human got what was coming to him

22july2010: ☉ in ♋: ☽ in ♐

an incredible cinderella story“… he was in atx for southby mixing drinks @ shangri-las and i just watched him in royal tannenbaums streamin’ on the ps3 (f u sony for taking my otherOS away), bill murray god speaks

“they’re coming for you!” race baiting the right-wing way when things just aren’t going their way…maddow pwns faux.

“please be aware that children conceived during the show or within 48 hours thereafter may be born with wings.” can’t wait to see janelle monáe at the eastside drive-in early this autumn…an interview about her futurist self.

dieselpunk short, dystopian, noir, and visually stunning….like gasoline on a fire. (h/t 2 io9)

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