flies on the windscreen

26july2010: ☉ in ♌: ☾ in ♒

if there are ghosts, maybe ecstasy chases them away“.r.u. sirius is making a historical piece on mondo 2000…i swear lisbeth is wearing one of the mondo2k shirts when she visits mom…(omfg it’s a trilogy!)

60’s tinged goodness – guards ep @ their bandcamp site…gratis. (h/t 2 ultra8201)

bush era dispatches from that place where you don’t start a land war…go wiki! maybe it will start an honest conversation

strike one for the user and eff, library of congress is +3 for fair use rulinghuh huh they said dongle. (h/t 2 huffpo)

i heard the news today, oh boy…” about a good friend who ran wild in the woods with me and played many a late night game of dungeons and dragonsresquiecat in pace stephen phoenix (hooks), d∴s∴, enjoy the happy hunting grounds.


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