i have not sold myself to god

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lol. is martha stewart really a cannibal?

free online education @ open culture.

wade davis on the ethnosphere. i saw this presentation at evergroovy back in the day.

“necessity would have changed us. we are an adaptable species.” pale BLUE dot. (h/t 2 coilhouse)…nasa has one too.

austin city limits: the national’s ‘bloodbuzz ohio’. (h/t 2 ultra 8201)

‘the words the maketh murder’ new single coming from pj harvey. (h/t 2 pma)

more goodness from the upcoming lykke li album, ‘i follow rivers’.

austin c drops the year in planetary dancing for your edification.

iron & wine do daytrotter. (h/t 2 da fork)

china leading the curve on eco-city planning…and implementation.

the righteous rise with burning eyes

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here is your “blood libel“. use a dictionary instead of censoring your fakebook.

the philosophy that holds one race superior

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we are not the enemy. we are citizens. end the violent rhetoric.

games without frontiers war without tears

The Player of GamesThe Player of Games by Iain M. Banks

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

much needed bit of optimism courtesy of the minds of the culture. interesting dissection of a power over society confronted by a power with society. highly recommended.

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by which we measure our pain

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fear da white boogey-man. fear da white terrorism. fear in our midst.

she’s not a girl who misses much

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looks like the part of maid marion will be played by birgitta jonsdottir. if eff is rescue dog lets toss em a bone.

finally some judges standing up to banks foreclousing houses w/o papers. you need some stinkin’ papers!

wow that is some creepy art…but so twisted fairytale. toshio saeki. (h/t 2 lost@Eminor)

digital robin hood featured on the art of dissent #14. (h/t 2 da boing)

miami is about to introduce drones for the police there to tap into skynet. gotta bad feeling about this…

i wanna melt the knot inside of it

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angry old man screams at john stewart to get of his lawn college boy…actually it said an earful.

locked out of his country, here is to the change that we voted for and didn’t get.

rap/hip-hop meets evolution…an innovative way to get the w0rd out! (h/t da boing)

iron and wine return with a webcast of their new album courtesy of npr.