do you know what you are fighting for

14february2011: ☉ in ♒: ☽ in ♋

two of my favorite women dropping ‘satisfaction (i can’t get no)‘ at the brit awards circa 1994. (h/t 2 chromewaves)

portlandia: put a bird on it.

like she said.

erykah badu’s ‘gone baby, don’t be long‘ is one trippy video.

the black keyes do ‘howlin’ for you‘ as a spoof of a film. man they just hate mvids.

pj harvey performs let england shake in live webcast. horray she ain’t coming to atx. here is the npr stream of the album.

congrats to arcade fire for their grammy for suburbs, have an accoustic set @kroq

been down so long. but back in the saddle again. i was on twitter following #jan25.


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