warp my mind with your gentle stone

07february2011: ☉ in ♒: ☽ in ♂

i have a girl crush. no not that one. i am seeing her on thursday at antone’s sold out show. this one.

just to feel my heart for a second

02february2011: ☉ in ♒: ☾ in ♒

oh the inanity of this punk…god speed v. beck…a muslim caliphate. oh noez!

wikileaks up for a nobel. good on them.

monsanto manages usda to allow the 4th largest us crop to go gmo w/ no restrictions.

shame shame shame.

micachu and the shapes new song ‘everything‘ from her upcoming chopped and screwed.

you say you want a revolution

01february2011: ☉ in ♒: ☾ in ♑

google is giving you the art of the world’s museums.

there is a still a revolution going on in egypt. al jazeera english for on the scene coverage.

local natives on daytrotter. yer welcome.

guilermo del toro in the new yorker.

camilla d’errico of tampopo fame has a new book of her out coming out. check it.

best coast and wavves in dc @ the 9:30 club.

a seven nation army couldn’t hold me back.” go #egypt (h/t 2 democracynow)

lykke li @ nyc’s le poisson rouge.