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Use of WeaponsUse of Weapons by Iain M. Banks
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iain m. banks joins the ranks of an exalted pantheon of authors in my little black book, sitting beside such luminaries as m. moorcock, a. moore, g. morrison. if only his last name started with an m, they could have their own little club of anarchist authors.

this is the most powerful of the culture novels that i have read. largely because we actually see the work that s.c. does and the way in which they play societies off against one another. on the outside it appears that they strive towards a freer, less war-like society, but inspecting their practices a little closer one finds they use any means necessary to accomplish their goals of stabilizing other societies to their whim.

the familial drama in this is as much a tragedy in the grand scheme as any of the greek drama you may be familiar with. the character’s slow growth towards awareness through vignettes showcasing memories of the works he has accomplished as a s.c. operative build our connection with what appears to a warrior’s war hero, with elements of bushido seeping through, while bringing the true tragedy gradually to the surface like a half remembered truth desperately discarded.

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