21aug2010: ☉in ♍: ☽ in ♒

21aug2010: ☉in ♍: ☽ in ♒

Mildly shocked and amused that these words rolled off my tongue. “I am glad for the school year to have started. There is a certain order to things when school in session, Summer is a time of incredible flux.” It is a testament to the struggles of the last two summers, and those of the last few years, that the certainty of a schedule and the surety of purposeful work has come to be more laudable in my mind than the care-free wide-open chaos of unfettered time. The dog days are indeed over as Florence would say.

A new poem’s beginning awoke in me this morning, or perhaps it is part of what was in my mind before I slept last night. I thought that using the metaphor of parched and fertile soil was a good place to discuss economic inequality and how that influences so much of the fertility – physical, mental, emotional and spiritual of a person, place, or thing. Perhaps it is just that I am immersed in reading Mary Oliver; her use of the natural world to get at profound truths about lived life is deep passion for me.

Actually I think the poem this morning was in response to the tumult that has taken over my emotional world these last few months. I wanted to address the remark that there are important differences between the two of us, when in fact there is at the base of all our varied experiences, lenses, and behaviors, resides a core of commonalities that is essential. We are human becomings in motion, traveling through this life with fundamental needs and desires that are so similar it makes the differences seem mere polish on the rough surface of the stone of our selves.

I have been working with two pieces of wisdom my magickal ally and kabalistic mentor brought to my attention yesterday. Both of which are mixed up with the conversation last night concerning sabotage for fear’s sake, the different lenses we see through, and the hurt and pain of dancing well with someone and then losing the rhythm…for a moment…and a moment again. These two wisdoms were concerning how my approach to time has an important part at this particular moment,  and that the breaking of my watch was a warning of sorts to let time play out its own tempo towards resolution. And a bit of a koan, that one has to let go in order to hold on to the heart.

The image of her wrists tattoos comes to mind, Lamed and Yod, which embrace the paths between the heart, Tiphareth and the two pillars at Chesed and Geburah. Strength and Mercy are found through the paths of Justice and the Hermit, balancing Mars and Jupiter between the Sun. Looking at the tree I find that the name chosen for my daughter embraces the Tree in a similar way. Her name means “understanding wisdom” in Greek, and these represent similar points on the pillars, at Binah and Chokmah. The planetary elements represent something of my shadow and light, Saturn and Neptune, as Saturn is in my first house in Pisces, where also resides my Sun (Neptune being the co-ruler of Pisces). The two paths that join them to Tiphareth, are the Lovers and the Star. Here is Uncle AL’s poetry on these two paths from The Book of Thoth.

The Oracle of the Gods is the Child-Voice of Love
in Thine own Soul; hear thou it.
Heed not the Siren-Voice of Sense or the Phantom-
Voice of Reason; rest in Simplicity, and listen to
the Silence.

Use all thine energy to rule thy thought burn
up thy thought as the Phœnix.


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