08november2010: ☉ in ♏: ☽ in ♏

08november2010: ☉ in ♏: ☽ in ♏

beginning a candida cleanse/diet this week to reduce the stress on my immune system and see if i can get a handle on a rosacea condition that has bloomed in the last month and a half. the dermatologist was useless as they ever are with the here take some antibiotics. my own surmise is that the emotional stress, heat, and allergies (ragweed, grass) have found a new way to express themselves. gaaa.

day one:

breakfast – two eggs, no spinach, garlic or onion at the co-op to make it a proper omelet. but then the pan sucks for that anyway…must get omelet pan. took vitamins this morning before leaving: salmon oil (2), rainbow men’s one (1), greens (2), natural antihistamine whose name escapes me (2). instead of coffee, there is green tea. hungry about 3 hours later. drinking water.

lunch – no spinach at the co-op so no salad fixings for lunch. considering a run to the store to get some avocado, spinach, and cherry toms for a salad, maybe some pickled veggies if they have ’em…(tbc)…lunch consisted of an avacado and yogurt with applesauce…yeah i know i am not supposed to applesauce. but it has to be used. one more serving and it is done. avacado really needs to be guacamole. yeah avacado. i hope that by the end of this i don’t hate avacado and yogurt.

dinner – went to jaden’s and had grilled salmon with a basil topping, roasted asparagus, mashed turnips and a mixed green salad with garbanzo beans, cherry toms, pecans and a applecider vinegrette. delicious.  the turnips had a bitter aftertaste. perhaps working with some cinnamon/clove could liven them up if you wanted to do sweet…perhaps a garlic ginger lime if you didn’t.

went shopping and got some asparagus, kim chee, cherry toms, brown rice cakes, almond butter (ouch!), lemon, olive oil – had hemp oil for salads..was looking for some tuna, but wasn’t biting at the heb. need to retrieve my blender. realized that the metal circle that came with my rice steamer is for, duh, steaming vegetables…should get some greens and experiment. or better yet, fish stew…cioppino.

omg. the smell of popcorn in the office is evil. i can imagine how it feels to be a vegitarian and have to smell delicious hipster bacon.

on other news i registered for two writing classes for next term. and my copy of the cults ‘go outside’ single arrived. lovely. looking at the structure of these pages…it might be wise for me to move this to another blog…until i redesign the lot of them.


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