09november2010: ☉ in ♏: ☽ in ♐

09november2010: ☉ in ♏: ☽ in ♐

day two. as i reduce the influence of things like sugar and gluten food becomes subject to hoarding/faminie behaviors. i find myself wanting the hugest bowl of yogurt possible…and three eggses, really?

day two:

breakfast: three eggs with spinach, garlic, purple onion, and (oops) calamata olives. no on the calamata olives. managed to get some veggies to add to the collection in my fridge. now for some flesh. green tea at the office…and the same vitamins as yesterday, except i am now out of salmon oil…only one this morning.

lunch: spinach salad with avacado and tomato. i got carrots but like the calamata olives above, they are a no-no. really wanting that grilled tuna steak tonight. ouch, be careful with that knife eu genius. as i walked around the corner to my office i had an overwhelming desire for chocolate, candy bar lit up my synapses like diwali. hot tea will see me thorough…no not the earl grey…the green tea. gaaa.

dinner: went to cent. mrkt. and they really like their seafood. so does whole foods. ended up with a couple of chicken breasts, but no way to cook them, what with dinner being cooked and then dcu to clean it up…no access till say 8…blaaa. will cook them up tomorrow when i am in the kitchen making dinner. maybe try to make curry. mmm curry. so i went to wahoos and had a salad with blackened ahi, salsa, guac, and picked around the cheese and tortilla strips. if a few might have fallen in, it was utterly unintentional. seariously.

i had one of them almond butter and brown rice cake along with some yogurt to tide me over between getting off work and deciding on the wahoos adventure…i was headed to waterloo for drivan’s new album disko…beautiful white vinyl 1:500…purdy. driving home from wahoos i thought fondly of tiff’s treats and cookies. i also noticed that the salsa that i added to the salad made my face particularly hot.

oh i got the gse.


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