10november2010: ☉ in ♏: ☽ in♑

10november2010: ☉ in ♏: ☽ in♑

day three

breakfast: not so good today. yogurt and a brown rice cake with almond butter. took the same vits as yesterday, without any salmon oil, but added b complex. the anti-histamine is quercitin. a couple of cherry toms.

lunch: still not good. chicken in a curry sauce from last night’s dinner. it was a pasta but i avoided the pasta and just had the chicken. mouth is lovingly warm from the spice.

dinner: have to cook dinner for the co-op, it is pizza. i am maranading the chicken i got yesterday in lime juice and olive oil, with fresh basil and garlic. i will have that with some roasted asparagus, and a spinach salad with avacado and tom slices.

watered the gardens in my room and at the co-op. trees i said would die due to heavy equipment damage on the other side of arc park are dropping huge parts of their limbs. need to rescue some more basil starts before they go for good…need to get mine out of the window so they can breathe and grow.


omg wednesdays are gonna suck. i happen to be on the best cooking crew and the food i am helping to make is beyond delicious…tonight a white pizza with chicken, artichoke hears and spinach. i added some toms, bell peppers (gold and red) and some artichoke hearts to my chicken.


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