the words that maketh murder

15february2011: ☉ in ♒: ☽ in ♋

CAT SHIT ONE! for another week. gratis. yer welcome! (h/t 2 aicn)

making it is safe to assassinate your ideological enemies in the new culture war. go SD!

a single smile between us…” happy lupercalia. all praise to the she wolf’s heat. (h/t 2 da boing)

geodesic dome is for da chickenzes! (h/t 2 make)

about damn time these polluting bastards were made to pay something for their destruction. fascists.

body language’s soical studies ep available for dl on their bandcamp. gratis. get it for an email.

bizness‘ is the first taste of tUnE yArDs upcoming album w h o k i l l

“the west asleep, let england shake” video for pj harvey’s ‘let england shake‘.

do you know what you are fighting for

14february2011: ☉ in ♒: ☽ in ♋

two of my favorite women dropping ‘satisfaction (i can’t get no)‘ at the brit awards circa 1994. (h/t 2 chromewaves)

portlandia: put a bird on it.

like she said.

erykah badu’s ‘gone baby, don’t be long‘ is one trippy video.

the black keyes do ‘howlin’ for you‘ as a spoof of a film. man they just hate mvids.

pj harvey performs let england shake in live webcast. horray she ain’t coming to atx. here is the npr stream of the album.

congrats to arcade fire for their grammy for suburbs, have an accoustic set @kroq

been down so long. but back in the saddle again. i was on twitter following #jan25.


hold your hands up to the light

26january2011: ☉ in ♒: ☾ in ♏

the last time someone was naked and painted gold in banksy‘s house…

glad that planned parenthood’s bullshit detector was in good working order. this is an attempt at entrapment and should be prosecuted.

nerd alert. red dwarf is returning from the void.

lol. taking the anti-heroism of the watchmen crowd to a whole other slacker level. lazy teenage superheroes.

art of noise’s ‘beat box 2‘, vid directed by anton corbjin highlighting the fairlight synth. (h/t 2 boing²)

b-sides ftw! yuck’s ‘coconut bible‘. crunchy goodness.

altered zones dropped purity ring’s ‘ungirthed‘, here is the vid.

new feelies. ‘should be gone‘, via da fork.

from the got no cause until we got cause because they done did what they said they was gonna do. threatening is assault. prosecute it.

new likke li video for ‘untitled‘. looking forward to the release of her new album.

say stranger how did we meet

21january2011: ☉ in ♒: ☾ in ♌

bad verizon. are you afraid all that new iphone traffic is gonna sink yer ship?

a bad man indeed. here is your civility problem in a nut…shell.

friday mornin’ music y’all…iron & wine’s new album ‘kiss each other clean‘ streaming.

bad apple. no cookie for you. luckily mine haz phillips heads…+1 for early adopters.

ebsen & the witch’s vid for ‘warpath‘…eerie. witchy. yes please and thank you.

cali lol cats are gonna eatz all yr cheezeburgerz n catnipz…nom,nom,nom best coast.

r.i.p. don kirschner, yr rawk concert and the midnight special were a huge part of my musical ed.

i hate money it makes me numb

14january2011: ☉ in ♑: ☽ in ♉

portlandia, from fred armisen & carrie brownstien skewering stumptown…

limbaugh fail.

you’re not doing it right! but jezebel is here to help. thanks jez.

home again, home again, jiggedy jigg…where my head lies these days. atx ftw! (h/t 2 da boing)

bad fbi. no cookie for you.

friday morning music: “would it be ok to be lazy?” dom (w/ cults): ‘bowl cut‘.

(she’s) got a bigger problem know, ‘laska caribou barbie ‘laska caribou barbie. (2 da tune of the dks)

“the universe is big, i mean really big, you might think…” planck makes a purdy. (h/t 2 gbm)

the righteous rise with burning eyes

12january2011: ☉ in ♑: ☽ in ♈

here is your “blood libel“. use a dictionary instead of censoring your fakebook.

the philosophy that holds one race superior

11january2011: ☉ in ♑: ☽ in ♈

we are not the enemy. we are citizens. end the violent rhetoric.