time to align your body with your mind

24february2011: ☉ in ♓: ☾ in ♐

the inequitable distribution of wealth is the root of our problems. greed kills.

dune the wargame from avalon hill. (h/t 2 metaf)

get up stand up chillins of today and save our mutual tomorrows or it’s teh interwebs stooopid! (h/t 2 readwriteweb)

new tv on the radio, ‘will do‘ form their upcoming nine types of light.

lykke li says “c’mon get down…make a mess” on ‘youth knows no pain‘ (h/t 2 kickin’ the peanuts!)

we should start channeling bucky for the future of us all.

resign you koch-payed for union-bustin’ thug.

mister rodgers defends pbs to the us senate in 1969 when nixon wanted to cut pbs funding in half.

nature by numbers…the fibonacci series as a short film. (h/t 2 io9)

bad sony. you keep breaking the box and these people keep liberating. stop being a mubarak. you don’t own my box. i do.

analysis of the unrest in the arab world and the american state houses. comments are particularly insightful.

it’s your thing do whatcha wanna do

22february2011: ☉ in ♓: ☾ in ♏

class war is coming to a town near you.

oh my ‘control‘ a cover of joy division by spoek mathambo courtesy of dazed (h/t 2 da boing)

“belligerent ghouls run manchester schools” radiohead does the smith’s ‘headmaster ritual

jamie xx’s steel drum jam ‘far nearer‘ (h/t 2 gvb)

hype machine is streaming lykke li’s upcoming long player wounded rhymes, here is an acoustic take on ‘sadness is a blessing

depeche mode’s ‘strangelove‘ as covered by bat for lashes.

busting unions in service to the american oligarchs.

rumy when will you learn that you can be honest about the past, or you can be an asshole that the future will hold in contempt.

black widow gone wild. like robot chicken with all action and no talk. (via io9)

like she said. a fetus is not a child. until you can give fetuses rights like corporations, which supercede those of mothers. stfu asshat.

geohot lawyers up with a lil’ help from his friends. oh and sony, you can suck all the dicks as the saying goes.

did i meet all your expectations?

17february2011: ☉ in ♒: ☽ in ♌

beautiful video for the game dead island. tragic, but beautiful. here it is the original which makes less of an impact.

do512 has a new space for the recording of yer favorite musicians. haz some atx psychrock black angels goodenss. (h/t 2 covert curiousity)

greg dulli’s (afghan wigs) twilight singers first single ‘on the corner‘…these masks remind me of moorcock’s hawkmoon.

wi protests continue as the leg takes up “anti-union” proposal. why this is important. stop stealing from the poor for the rich.

“he lived in a hole in the ground.” no not a hobbit hole but cave houses in france lived in since the paleolithic. (h/t 2 io9)

“we can order that for you, but it will take a year to get here.” portlandia does the feminist bookstore.

can we go wrong‘ new stop-motion vid from hesta prynn, with lasers and city’s explodifying missile command style. (h/t 2 boing²)

you say you want a revolution

01february2011: ☉ in ♒: ☾ in ♑

google is giving you the art of the world’s museums.

there is a still a revolution going on in egypt. al jazeera english for on the scene coverage.

local natives on daytrotter. yer welcome.

guilermo del toro in the new yorker.

camilla d’errico of tampopo fame has a new book of her out coming out. check it.

best coast and wavves in dc @ the 9:30 club.

a seven nation army couldn’t hold me back.” go #egypt (h/t 2 democracynow)

lykke li @ nyc’s le poisson rouge.

hold your hands up to the light

26january2011: ☉ in ♒: ☾ in ♏

the last time someone was naked and painted gold in banksy‘s house…

glad that planned parenthood’s bullshit detector was in good working order. this is an attempt at entrapment and should be prosecuted.

nerd alert. red dwarf is returning from the void.

lol. taking the anti-heroism of the watchmen crowd to a whole other slacker level. lazy teenage superheroes.

art of noise’s ‘beat box 2‘, vid directed by anton corbjin highlighting the fairlight synth. (h/t 2 boing²)

b-sides ftw! yuck’s ‘coconut bible‘. crunchy goodness.

altered zones dropped purity ring’s ‘ungirthed‘, here is the vid.

new feelies. ‘should be gone‘, via da fork.

from the got no cause until we got cause because they done did what they said they was gonna do. threatening is assault. prosecute it.

new likke li video for ‘untitled‘. looking forward to the release of her new album.

she’s not a girl who misses much

07january2011: ☉ in ♑: ☽ in ♒

looks like the part of maid marion will be played by birgitta jonsdottir. if eff is rescue dog lets toss em a bone.

finally some judges standing up to banks foreclousing houses w/o papers. you need some stinkin’ papers!

wow that is some creepy art…but so twisted fairytale. toshio saeki. (h/t 2 lost@Eminor)

digital robin hood featured on the art of dissent #14. (h/t 2 da boing)

miami is about to introduce drones for the police there to tap into skynet. gotta bad feeling about this…

stuck in the middle with you

05january2010: ☉ in ♑: ☽ in ♒

dark allies featuring the vocals of shannon funchess…‘light asylum’ tastyfreeze fosho! (h/t 2 coilhouse)

douglas rushkoff on the next non-corporate net we need to migrate to. (h/t 2 technocult)

lions and tigers and superheroes oh my! see what you have wrought kick-ass?

da forks tunnelvision lets tennis talk about sailing and drop a performance of ‘pigeon’.

new drag/witch house sounds from balam acab, check out ‘see birds’. (h/t 2 altered zones)

rjd2 is giving away (for your email) a remix ep of ‘the glow’…you’re welcome.