can you hear the horses

14october2010: ☉ in ♎: ☽ in ♑

ziggy stardust does occulture…an analysis (h/t 2 metaf)

kingdome remix of sleigh bells’ ‘tell ’em’

building a smarter city…”buckminster fuller thou art avenged” (h/t 2 technocult)

your genes want to redistribute wealth and access to resources…silly genes…(h/t 2 boing²)

like he said…the nobelest act

acoustic performance of ‘dog days are over‘ by florence+the machine

outside the gilded cage

23september2010: ☉ in ♎: ☾ in ♂

william gibson on the craft of writing (h/t 2 boing²)

zombie cookie wants your geolocation…will respawn even if amputated…brains!

sharing is caring and may just change the way we live our lives…meshing it up! (h/t 2 boing²)

two thirds of sleater-kinney + mary timony+ rebecca cole = wid flag

oOoOo new florence+the machine ‘dog days are over‘ remix by yessayer

i’m happy, hope you’re happy too

21september2010: ☉ in ♍: ☽ in ♓

sci-fi wonderful from malcolm sutherland, umbra (h/t 2 coilhouse)

proud to be a member owner of the first co-operatively owned brewpub…congrats on the openning black star.

echolocation as a rudimentary language of bats (via io9)

recording the cops to stop unreasonable search and seizure…stream it (h/t 2 boing²)

4chan aims their ion cannons at the mpaa & co. for tarnishing the good name of piracy.