we were hungry before we were born

29october2010: ☉ in ♏: ☾ in ♋

“waiting for lightning to strike”…a halloween treat from jeremy messersmith, ‘a girl, a boy, a graveyard‘. (h/t 2 Eminor)

cthulhu rises from the deep on southpark thanks pbcthulhu r’lyeh wgah’nagl fhtagn

q reads ‘the raven‘ for your samhain pleasure.

archival recording and images of bob dylan ‘i’m doing fine‘ from rs.

2o-song, hour-long pixies cocachella performance, gratis for an email.

black friday, record store day’s new baby sibling.

friday mornin’ music y’all.  crystal castles getting a hand from the cure’s robert smith on ‘not in love’, pochohaunted has a nice farewell shot with ‘threshold’, first aid kit has been all up on my deck, particularly the beautiful ‘heavy storm’, then there was ebsen and the witch for a spooky early samhain treat with ‘warpath’, tip of the hat though goes to lykkie li’s ‘get some’, with a honorable mention to tv girl for the hilarious ‘if you want it’.