the slogans that hovers between the headstone and her eyes

22may2013: ☉ in ♊: ☽ in ♏

“For small creatures such as we, the vastness is bearable only through love.” atheist state rep. invokes carl sagan in benediction.

maria alyokhina of pussy riot has begun a hunger stike.

a feotus is not a baby and women are not incubators.”

one of the greatest albums of rock n roll history. rip trevor bolder.

the only band that matters is releasing a (boom)box set.

the shadow of the patriot act is long and lingering. sacrificing freedom for security

Citizen Koch and how moneyed interests control the narrative about the ongoing class war.

“to bear witness, to be with a woman as she goes through this private journey, to witness her strength and weakness, her grief, her relief, her pain.” private ceremonies.

while you are at (sh) e. (ra) warren can we get a maximum wage? #elizabethwarrenisouronlyhope

desperately in need…of some…stranger’s hand

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un remoeque le nouveau film de alejandro jodorowsky, le danza de la realidad.

“in honor of our escaping”, ray manzarek has gotten out, 23 skidoo.

da crutchfields from waxahatchee cover grimes’ ‘oblivion’.

the adoration of elphie.

this is not what democracy looks like. dissent is not treason, like skateboarding, it is not a crime.

bad eggs.

wolves guarding the hen house. #tortureisawarcrime.

the english civil war, alchemists, and mushrooms: a field in england looks heavily eerie.

dear consumers: stop eating healthy. signed your industrialized food providers.

dream baby dream forever

Wild Fermentation: The Flavor, Nutrition, and Craft of Live-Culture FoodsWild Fermentation: The Flavor, Nutrition, and Craft of Live-Culture Foods by Sandor Ellix Katz

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

run, don’t walk. this book is a love letter to the ecology that we live within and that exists within our bodies. probably the single best diy toolbox to fixing your diet, your health, and the life of this community we co-exist in called terra firma. his comments on death and decay in the final chapter are a wake-up call to change the way we have monetized and commodified even the process of grieving and burial. makes me want to help build the laboratory/farm/co-operative/csa and change this mess we have inherited from the lazy and cowardly, the bullies that hold us in thrall to greed and avarice. we need some fermentation up in here.

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hanzel and gretel are alive and well

Just KidsJust Kids by Patti Smith

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

one of the most beautiful, honest, and inspirational books i have read in years. it is the story of art and artists becoming, or as patti herself said, “i haven’t fucked much with the past, but i’ve fucked plenty with the future.” the title alone is worth the price of admission, because we all are just that in the eyes of the universe, and artists, and hero/ines of our own stories. “don’t dream it, be it.”

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the philosophy that holds one race superior

11january2011: ☉ in ♑: ☽ in ♈

we are not the enemy. we are citizens. end the violent rhetoric.

by which we measure our pain

10january2011: ☉ in ♑: ☽ in ♓


fear da white boogey-man. fear da white terrorism. fear in our midst.

the way this country is dividing to fall

04january2011: ☉ in ♑: ⦁ in ♑

anne francis (r.i.p.) stars in deep throat aaaand forbidden planet

john s. hall of king missle fame recites a poem ode to a facebook friend request. (h/t 2 @JPBarlow)

big brother wants to jam (not with) you. darpa redies blade to jam wi-fi on the battlefield. (h/t 2 /.)

“standard english plural” english is a colonizing language, loan words become english…octopodes ftw! (h/t 2 boing²)

“give us some wood and we’ll build you a cabinet”… detroit thrives in the midst of “ruin p0rn”.

new björk ‘biophilia’ courtesy of the ipad app ‘solar system’ which looks beautiful from the vid. (h/t 2 da fork)

wormwold saga an online comic of exemplary beauty. (h/t 2 boing²)

micachu is wandering around collecting stuff for her diy instruments for cool hunting.

diy touch stylus for your tech touchpad gadgets. (h/t 2 makeymake)

so much for being secure in your persons…what did you think that democracy’s founding document was just a suggestion?

scalia thinks the equal protection clause ain’t about equality…i think he is a misogynist…but we already knew that.

every second counts

21october2010: ☉ in ♎: ☽ in ♂

RSA animate has a new vid up on changing education paradigms. (h/t 2 metaf)

animated video of ‘look‘ from sébastien tellier

♥ florence, who said this is a song she wished that she had written…well that and anything by pj harvey…(h/t 2 yoox)

glasser ‘mirrorage

requiescat in pace ari up of the slits…punk is dead. long live punk!

my next 7″…and from 4ad no less, the national ‘terrible love‘ b/w ‘you were a kindness

cold blooded mercenaries…what do they say about laying down with dogs…

about damn time npr decided to regain some of its credibility…

majesty‘ from warpaint “…you could have been my king”.

what goes on behind closed doors

16august2010: ☉ in ♌: ☽ in ♏

requiescat in pace archdruid issac bonewits

“i don’t know how anyone of latino heritage could be a republican, ok?” reid said. “do i need to say more?” (via kos)

s’what i been sayin’ for months…plant the future, food, textiles, fuel, and an end to prohibition. (h/t 2 boing²)

mad max ina tanker truck…repurposing a soon to be useless infrastructure

keeping an eye on your ability to feed yourself

under the cascadian trees

11august2010: ☉ in ♌: ☽ in ♍

npr and radiolab (play with) words (h/t 2 metafilter)

jimmy jams (h/t to pampelmoose)

gotta love that bad neighbor policy…bringin’ on the endtimes?

pushing the next famines…gmo crops creating new strains in the wild

why haven’t there been criminal charges filed against bp? seriously!

kill rock starsgrass widow video for ‘shadow