midnight from mars

15july2010: ☉ in ♋: ☽ in ♍

from the basementthe dead weather…for jaden

uh huh huh…yeah yeah

ghibli! new trailer for borrowers arrietty (thanks twitch and aicn)

and since i wouldn’t want anyone to think i was a tease…here is natasha covering big star‘s kangaroo (thanks capn’ obvious)

so the glitter vampire soundtrack is out…and although i love bat for lashes… giving props to any scientologist – not so much (although i did see his odelay tour in the emerald city)…so instead of their colab (which is pretty thumpalicious), here is florence + the machine‘s track from the same, heavy in your arms (via thieves by tuesday)…her first album (on vinyl) i am so in love with.

whores! our government is broken from too much influence of lobbyist money. conflict of interest and ethics violations should go hand in hand.

mars attacks! erwtenpeller has created a brilliant dubstep version of the 1978 version of war of the worlds…not the original radio theater presentation with orson welles, but still, is pretty sweet (h/t 2 boingboing).